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St. Louis Mom is written for local Moms by local Moms. We exist to equip and encourage mothers for motherhood. Part of that mission is connecting them directly to local businesses and resources we personally recommend. Supporting local businesses is important to us and we want to expose our readers to products and services available right here in the St. Louis area. Our readership is nearly 100% exclusively St. Louis moms! Our goal is to create a community of local moms that can share real life experiences and valued opinions with each other. At St. Louis Mom, we know how moms trust each other, and the integrity of what we advertise is very important to us.

Mothers play a strategic role in the key decisions of most households, including financial spend from cars, groceries, financial investments, vacations, education… and the list goes on and on! You should be seeking to connect directly with mothers when marketing your business, otherwise you’re overlooking a powerful demographic. We can help connect you directly with our engaged community here at St. Louis Mom!

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We are proud to work closely with over 175 local businesses and more than 500 advertising campaigns across our digital media avenues. Stand out with your presence at our next noteworthy in-person event.

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St. Louis Mom offers many avenues for large and small businesses to get noticed, tailored to you: 

  • Image advertisements
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Partnering with us allows your business greater visibility with a large targeted market of local families. Join us today and help enrich the lives of St. Louis moms and their families!



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