Baby, You’re Going to Be Alright: COVID Kindergarteners


“Five YEARS old?!”

Sorry to yell, but I have to, literally, to snap myself back into reality just to grasp how fast that time has gone. You see, my baby (not so much now) is turning five and with that BIG milestone, also entering kindergarten. Looking back at all the memories in these last five years, it’s easy to forget how it all began. 

In the wake of a pandemic, the world witnessed a unique phenomenon, which was the arrival of “COVID babies” – children born or in early toddlerhood during the pandemic and for some of these children (like my own), they are now approaching kindergarten. The transition to kindergarten is always a significant milestone, but for COVID babies and their families, like us, I know it can feel especially daunting.

Unlike previous generations, COVID babies spent much of their early years in a world marked by social distancing, mask-wearing, and honestly, isolation. Their experiences were shaped by the realities of a global health crisis, which may have influenced their social, emotional, and cognitive development, as well as family dynamics.

But in many ways, there are still unknowns that are not fully understood – will he be socialized enough? Did it impair his ability to regulate? Was he ignored while I worked from home? Did he sense my crying watching the news? Is that why he’s acting like that? Will he be able to make friends? Was it selfish to send him to daycare so I could work? Was my anxiety that palpable during the pandemic? 

Despite these uncertainties, I plan to put aside negative thinking and “what-ifs”, as I know there are more reasons to be optimistic. So, to my own ‘COVID Baby’, now kindergartner, let me take the time to celebrate all the things you have done and are doing, despite the rough start –

Baby …
You are resilient.
You are an initiator.
You are adaptable.
You are a problem-solver.
You are patient.
You are resourceful.
You are strong.
And as you enter this new chapter filled with growth, discovery, and connection, we’re so proud.
Baby, you’re going to be alright! 



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