Amy Sanders

Amy Sanders
Amy is in her forties and raising three school-aged kids, so between working part-time and color-coding the family calendar, she tries to keep up with her book club and her sanity.

Feeling 40 and Fabulous

I recently turned 40, and for years I assumed I’d arrive at this milestone feeling rather ‘middle aged’, but instead I was surprised to find that I feel 40 and Fabulous! On the big...
an artificial Christmas tree wrapped in plastic wrap as a mom hack for making putting the tree up easier next year

Christmas Mom Hacks: There’s No Shame in Easing Up this Season

Who couldn’t use some Christmas mom hacks to make this year less stressful? We are re-sharing this post from 2021 to make the season easier!   The Christmas season is HERE, and so is all the...

Cultivating Gratitude Year Round

Most people think ‘turkey’ when they think of Thanksgiving, but beyond the elastic-waisted pants, the holiday has become synonymous with the expression of gratitude. Most families take a few minutes out of the meal...

A Mom of Three’s Fall Bucket List

As we settle into fall, enjoy this post that originally ran in 2019.  It's officially fall in St. Louis. Despite my love for tank tops and pool time, I am ready to embrace the transition...
a boy hitting a baseball as parents and fans look on with sportsmanship

Sportsmanship: Reclaiming the Love of the Game

  I recently experienced that milestone that you read about in the parent blogs and occasionally see played out on the evening news: fan parents behaving badly at their kid’s game. The details of ......
two tween girls in track uniforms standing by a chain link fence

Prepping for the Tween Stage: Q+A

Prepping for the Tween Stage is a collaborative post between Amy Sanders and Katie Peel Vondera.     If you have a kid in the 8-12 age range, buckle up! You are approaching what has become known...

Finding Hope in the Holiday Madness

Feeling the stress and overwhelm of the season? There is hope in the holiday madness...   Regardless of whether you observe Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Winter Solstice, Chinese New Year, none of the above, or something...
a young boy and girl reading books to animal shelter dogs

5 Ways your Family can Help Local Animal Shelters (Besides Adoption!)

When it was time for my family to welcome a new furry friend, we opted to rescue a pup from a local shelter. Pet adoption is one of the best ways to help end...

Seasons of Motherhood: Grade School

      In life, there’s a season for everything, including motherhood. Just like winter transitions to spring, moms transition from diapers and bottles, to lunchboxes and little league, to learners’ permits and prom dates. There’s beauty...
a stack of books with an apple on top that sits on a desk next to colored pencils and A, B, C blocks to represent back-to-school

How to Survive Back-to-School Season

Ready or not, Back-to-School time is here!     Transitioning from summer to back-to-school is rough for even the most seasoned moms, but hopefully, these tips and tricks might make your experience a little less painful:   School Supplies     Outsource,...