Candice Meyer

Candice Meyer
Candice is a St. Louis native and loves exploring the amazing parks, museums, and restaurants that the city has to offer. She is married to her college sweetheart, and they have two children, Olivia and Ryan. Her passions include all things arts and crafts, planning special events, hiking trails sprinkled throughout the area, and documenting the beauty of everyday adventures with her family. In between shuffling her kids to school and various activities, you will likely find her drinking a cup of coffee, gathering ideas on Pinterest, researching destinations for their next family trip, listening to parenting podcasts, or dreaming up her next design project!
a clothesline with baby booties pinned to it above the title, "World Prematurity Day November 17"

What to Say to a Mom of a Preemie

In honor of World Prematurity Day on November 17th, I wanted to share some of the most helpful, as well as unhelpful, things that were said to me as I officially became a member...
a boy and a girl walking through a field of sunflowers

Sunflower Season in St. Louis

July marks the start of sunflower season in St. Louis! My daughter and I read all about these flower giants during a summer learning unit. Did you know that only young sunflowers follow the sun...
organizing school papers by having kids hold up their artwork for a photo

Organize School Papers to Manage Clutter and Memories

How do you organize school papers and projects? We are resharing this post to help you stay on top this school year!   ‘Tis the season for all the back-to-school papers! Are your counters starting to...
a young boy holding bowl full of popcorn with a big smile on his face

Pass the Popcorn: Real + Ridiculous Mama Moments

You know those polarizing Facebook posts where you inevitably see comments like: “Pass the Popcorn!” or “I’m just here for the comments” with the corresponding emojis? Well, it turns out that March 9th is...

What I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Motherhood

The first 10 years of motherhood will shape you in ways you never imagined.   My sweet preemie turns 10 in December. This milestone celebration feels extra big for both her AND me! An entire decade...
a stack of holiday photo cards wrapped with ribbon

Behind the Photo: Holiday Edition

I love a good Black Friday sale! Along with searching for the year’s latest “it” item (hello, air fryers in 2021!), I’m usually scouting out deals for Holiday cards from my favorite shops.     I keep...
a baby dressed in pink cuddled up in sleep

Rhythms of Sleep & Growth in Motherhood

The rhythms of sleep guide us through.   Fall welcomes crisp mornings, refreshing temperatures, and progressively earlier sunsets. As that familiar navy starlit blanket sweeps across the setting sun, I find myself tracing the rhythms of...
half of a decorated birthday cake

Creating a Half Birthday Tradition

Start a half birthday tradition in your family!   Are you looking for an easy tradition to start with your family? One that nearly guarantees cake, smiles, and an easy spin on a classic song? If...