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Child-Development Study Brought to You by Sago

Moms of children aged newborn to 24 months! Here is an opportunity to take part in an important child-development study and earn up to $200. This opportunity is brought to you by Sago, a company that...

History Exploration Days at the Missouri History Museum

  The Missouri History Museum celebrates education and family learning with History Exploration Days!     The Missouri History Museum celebrates education and family learning with History Exploration Days! One Friday and Saturday per month from September to...

Raise a Glass with Noboleis Vineyards

Noboleis Vineyards is a family- and female-owned winery located just outside of St. Louis in the charming and historic Augusta, Missouri. Home to the first American Viticultural Area in the country, Augusta has unique...

Fertility 101: 3 Things to Know this World Infertility Awareness Month

June is World Infertility Awareness Month, highlighting infertility issues faced by people around the world each year. That’s right – the WORLD.   There is a misconception that infertility affects only a small part of the...
a woman lounging by the side of the pool with her baby

Mercy Shares Sun Safety Tips in Time for Summer!

Sun safety and summer go hand-in-hand!   Hurray! Summer is here!  This is the time to be outdoors!  Being out in the sun is so much fun. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. The rays from...
The front of St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Des Peres, MO

St. Paul’s Lutheran: Things to Consider when Choosing a Faith-Based Education

Have you visited St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Des Peres?   then The year was 1991, and I was a first grader shyly walking the cinder block hallway of my new school, St. Paul’s Lutheran of Des...

Chicago Family Summer Destination Guide

  Having lived in Chicago and making the short trip back there to visit many times, it is fun to now take my kids and see it through their eyes. The spring and summer are...
a large group of people standing on a beach at sunset, their diversity apparent

When Families Don’t “Match”: Teaching Our Kids that Different is Beautiful

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, so we are resharing a post about the beauty in our differences.   Kids are so impressionable, curious, optimistic. “Intrusive” questions and stares mortify parents but with proactive conversation and patient...

3 STEM Activities You Can Do at Home: Kiddie Academy

  We tap into our students’ sense of curiosity by infusing STEM throughout our Life Essentials®curriculum. STEM refers to the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills into meaningful, interactive learning experiences for young...
two kids from behind jumping into a pool

Foss Swim School: Encouraging Safe and Confident Swimmers

Foss Swim School is looking ahead to Water Safety Month!      Warm weather is on its way! Are your kids ready for swimming?      As summer approaches, it’s typical for families to start planning activities on the water...