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a physical therapist at Legacy Physical Therapy holding a model of a pelvic floor as she talks with a patient

5 Common Pelvic Health Myths Busted

Whether you are a mom-to-be, new mom, or veteran mom, you have probably heard about the bowl of muscles at the bottom of our pelvis called the pelvic floor muscles. Unfortunately, much of what...

Passport to Learning: Welcoming Language Immersion Daycare to St. Louis

A new childcare center has opened in South Saint Louis with a special mission: to create a language immersion daycare environment where Saint Louis area children can gain fluency in another language.  Passport to Learning...

Mercy Makes it Easy for Moms

“Mommy, I don’t feel good.”  These five simple words can strike fear in every mom and send her mind reeling. “How bad is it? Do we call the doctor? What’s on my schedule today? Who’s...

Fall into Self-Care

Fall brings busy schedules, make sure to schedule time for yourself.   As the school year begins, the carefree days of summer give way to a more structured routine. Your skin carries a golden tan, and...

Preventing Cancer Beyond Childhood: 8 Ways to Promote Life-Long Habits

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Of course, as a mom, you don’t need to be reminded of the “what-ifs” in life. You’re more than aware of every possibility when it comes to your...

Recovery Support Tips by Samantha Lander

Samantha Lander knows how it feels to be sucked into the spiral of addiction. She battled addictions, sold drugs, and spent time in jail. She was fortunate enough to have a family of support...
a mom, dad, and their two kids all under a blanket on the couch. They all have tissues to indicate they are sick with viruses

The Alphabet Soup of Fall Viruses Brought to You by Mercy

Back to school signifies the end of relaxing summer days and the beginning of new things, such as: new clothes, new teachers, new friends, and, unfortunately, new and often multiple viral illnesses. Frequent viral...

Addiction: Tools and Resources to Lead You to Recovery

Addiction is a complex and challenging issue that often requires a multi-faceted approach for treatment and support. Samantha Lander, founder of SeeFit Living wellness company here in St. Louis, has been there and wants...

Functional Mocktails

Samantha Lander, a Functional Diagnostics practitioner, certified personal trainer, and holistic lifestyle coach has worked her way through addiction to recovery. Grateful to be where she is, Samantha wants to share the knowledge she...
a singer in a red dress accompanied by a man on the piano at Opera Theatre of St. Louis

Opera Theatre of St. Louis: Bayer Fund Artists-in-Training Program

My first encounter with the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis was when my son had the opportunity to appear in one of their festival opera performances at 12 years old. For starters, I was...