Jamie Scaccia

Jamie Scaccia
Jamie is a Des Peres mom and clinical psychologist with a specialization in child development and trauma. She is married with two little ones and is just entering the world of elementary school! While she has lived throughout the country, St. Louis has always been home and she is so grateful for the community here! She also enjoys running, true crime, and baking for everyone!

Why Do They Always Want to Wear Shorts in Winter?!

One of life’s biggest mysteries, like why all the Tupperware lids go missing and the exit of only one sock when two go in the dryer: Why do the kids always want to wear...

What I Learned Living with my Mother for Six Months

My mom had a flood.A big flood. Shoes were floating in the toilet, items floated away, and the water was up to my 6’5” step-father’s knees. Like a scene from the Titanic, he woke...
a woman from behind, her image reflected in the window glass that she stands in front of

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month :: What You Need to Know

  As October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are resharing this post with you.   In the United States, about 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men have experienced physical (including sexual) violence and/or...
a woman with hands outstretched as birds fly off into the sunset in the sky

Finding Myself within the Context of Myself

  Are you a crunchy mom? The sports mom? The PTO mom? There are so many different kinds of moms out there, and it’s hard to know where I belong.   Over the past few years, I’ve...
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Child Abuse: What are the Signs?

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.    You never know what’s happening behind closed doors. Child abuse happens in every state, town, and income bracket. In fact, while rates of child abuse in every neighborhood are...
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Fatphobia: What Does it Mean?

This week is eating disorders week, and as a psychologist and a parent, I felt a sense of responsibility to talk about what can often go as an unseen but torturous and dangerous disease....
a close-up of a plate of holiday cookies at a holiday cookie exchanges

Cookie Exchange Treat Alternatives!

Looking for creative options for your cookie exchange? Keep reading! Cookie exchanges are my favorite! They are such a fun part of the season and a close second to the lights that I see all...

Self-Care, But Not What You Think (All You Need is 2 Minutes … )

With the end of the year chaos on its way, thinking about self-care can just add to the overwhelm. It has become so cliché that it is almost ignored. Let’s be honest, do you...
a dad and his daughter, nose to nose, making faces at each other

Go to Bed Angry!

Sometimes, maybe we should go to bed angry ...   We have all heard it, written it on advice cards for newlyweds, and taught it to others: Never Go To Bed Angry! I think the intentions...
teachers in a classroom

Teachers Deserve a Gold Star!

When I was little, I could not understand why an athlete would make millions of dollars, and teachers seemed to make so little. I have never had a great concept of money, something that...