Katie Vondera

Katie is a St. Louis native, coffee lover, and difference maker. She has a passion for teaching at-risk high schoolers how to find joy in reading and writing. She is a divorced mother of two incredibly strong girls who can be found watching The Voice, eating ice cream, and staying up late reading. Katie and her girls love exploring St. Louis-hiking and playing at local parks, getting away to Pere Marquette, breakfasting at Strange Donuts or The Barn, and learning at all of the museums.

Growing and Glowing

“Mooooom! Can I go to the mall after school?” “Mooooom! Can I go to a sleepover tonight?” “Mooooom! Can I go anywhere but here?” Ok, so maybe my kids have never asked that last...

Seasons of Motherhood: Middle School

In life, there’s a season for everything, including motherhood. Just like winter transitions to spring, moms transition from diapers and bottles, to lunchboxes and little league, to learners’ permits and prom dates. There’s beauty...
a mom and grandma in the front seat, road tripping with their two tween girls in the backseat

Road Tripping with Tweens

Road tripping with tweens doesn’t have to be painful! Check out Katie’s ideas to keep the trip smooth!     The itinerary is planned, the gas tank is full, and the car is packed. All that separates...
a teen girl sitting on a couch in a library, reading a book

International Literacy Day: Books for Kids of All Ages

International Literacy Day is celebrated on September 8, 2021.   Some of my favorite moments from motherhood involve reading with my children. When they were little, we’d snuggle up every night before bed and read our...

5 Easy Steps to Prep for the School Year

This back-to-school post originally ran in August, 2018.   Oh, August. Summer is almost over, days are getting shorter, and school is on the horizon, if not already in session. This is bittersweet. I am losing...

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Mom

Looking for some quick and easy breakfast ideas? Look no further!   Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, back-to-school time is a busy one. It’s hard to get everyone ready and out...
an open bird cage hanging from the ceiling with a bird inside, looking at the open door

An Open Letter to My Tween Daughter

Dearest Tween,    It has been hard lately, hasn’t it? It seems like there are more disagreements and less patience by the day. You’ve gotten more sassy, and I’ve gotten more stubborn, and that combination has...
a mom and her daughters with curlers in their hair as they put cucumbers on each other's faces

“Yes Day” Movie Review: A Mom’s Point of View

Fun Sponge. That’s what my kids call me. And I get it. I say no a lot. Like Jennifer Garner’s character in her new movie Yes Day, my kids see me as a dictator,...

Random Acts of Kindness Day

    Kindness matters. Think about the time when someone held the door for you, or the time someone in front of you paid for your Starbucks, or the time it snowed, and you came out...
a woman standing on a cloud mountain with stars swirling around her

Reclaiming the Future, my Hopes, and my Dreams

Reclaiming the future means giving wings to the dreams you forgot that you had.   Nearly eight years ago, my world was turned upside down. I had a 6-month-old and a 2-year-old, an alcoholic husband, a...