Katy Ferguson

Katy Ferguson
Katy is on a mission to squash every fitness and nutrition myth out there! As a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer, she believes in the power of fueling your body to thrive in the busyness of motherhood. Katy is a St. Louis native and a former Kindergarten teacher. Her love of fitness and nutrition runs deep – she has been in the fitness industry as an athlete for 10+ years and has owned a women’s only fitness business since 2018. As a busy mom of two littles (ages 4 & 6), she understands the struggle to find balance in life: workouts, nutrition, motherhood, relationships, social connections, and inner peace. “Let’s face it, results come from actions, not intentions. And I LOVE helping women find balance in this.” REAL change with nutrition and fitness happens when you ditch the all-or-nothing mindset. A great week for her would include: an early morning workout, a steaming hot shower, dark chocolate sea salt caramels, kisses & snuggles from her littles, a good burger, being outside, doing aerial silks, day dates with her husband, lifting weights, hiking, lazy evenings in front of the TV.

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