Kelly Glogovac

Kelly Glogovac
A St. Louis area transplant since 2006, Kelly now calls St. Charles home. Having spent her childhood moving around the Midwest and an adolescence in Orange County, California, she cringes anytime someone asks her what high school she went to because, well, it’s a long story how she got here from there (not really, but as an introvert, this type of life journey dialogue usually requires a two day recharge in solitude, and who has time for that? Because…mom life). When not working full time or hanging out with her husband and two kids, Kelly is jumping on the latest fitness bandwagon, eating ice cream, or going down the rabbit hole of reality TV news and following social media influencers.
fish fry with a lime and tartar sauce

It’s Time to (Fish) Fry in St. Louis: Some Favorite Local Fish Fries

  Do you want to know some of the best fish fries in The Lou?  Look no further than this list of favorites compiled by one of our STLMom contributors!  Whether you’re a St. Louis native,...
a young boy and girl holding hands by the fountains in Washington, DC as they took the trip to visit there

Take the Trip!

My husband and I made the decision to take a week-long family trip to Washington D.C. in early summer. Plane tickets were purchased, and hotel reservations were made several months in advance (all 100%...

Helping our Kids Find Confidence

How do you instill confidence in your kids?   “I’m not good at anything!”    A lot of words can stop a mom in her tracks, but hearing your 4-year-old daughter adamantly declare this as fact is jarring.      In...

Going the Distance: Running to Preserve my Sanity

To say I found myself in a rut is probably an understatement.   A preschooler and one-year-old? Check. A crazy busy full-time, work-from-home career? Check. A household to maintain? Check. An acceptance that my family...

Setting Goals in 2021 :: July is the New January

I have the hardest time getting my head focused on goals and forward-thinking in January. Maybe it’s the post-holiday slump or the ick weather, but January always feels like a one-day-at-a-time pace where I’m...
a baby boy breastfeeding on his mom's chest

Breaking the Rule: The 12-Month Rule that Just Doesn’t Fit

Sometimes you've got to be the Momma who is breaking the rule.   “They can’t give him breastmilk now that he’s one.”   Wait, what? The mama-rage was filling my body, and it wasn’t even 8 am on...
a white notecard that says, "Everything is going to be okay" pinned to a cork board with a red tack.

3 Mantras to Remind You That Everything is OK

I believe 2021 will slowly evolve into a better year.      In the meantime, as I’ve navigated these first few weeks/months of 2021 (which have felt a little chaotic in my world!), a few mantras have...
a warehouse store

We’re a Costco Family

A couple of months before I gave birth to my first child in 2017, my husband and I invested in a Costco membership. I was hesitant at first. What could be so great about...
close-up of a woman in a yoga pose

Yoga: Rediscovering My Center

There was a time in my life when I almost went down the path to become a yoga teacher. Instead, I opted to focus on having babies, which now I can clearly see was...
a white lily on a dark background with a candle flickering in the background to symbolize loss

Loss in the time of COVID: This Isn’t How It’s Supposed to Be

Many have suffered loss in the time of COVID. The isolation of such loss is another symptom of this pandemic.   I told myself I wouldn’t write about COVID this month. It’s been too much this...