Mara Proost

Mara Proost is a born and raised St. Louisian living in Eureka with her family. Married to her college sweetheart, Brad, they have three boys: twins Cooper & Logan, and littlest one, Beckett. Suffering from an autoimmune disease has given Mara a passion for healthy eating, healthy living, and self care. She is a working momma who loves fashion, green beauty, cuddling with her kiddos, and drinking all the wine with her husband.

Change: The New Four-Letter Word

What has 2020 brought us if not change?! A wrench has been thrown in our vacations, schooling, careers, friendships, community … to name just a few.     I can’t say I’ve handled every change 2020 has...
a sunroom turned into a home office with the help of an online design service

I Tried an Online Design Service

  We had just moved into our home the week before COVID officially showed up in St. Louis (talk about timing!). As the working-from-home life began, I set up in our sunroom on a...

How Quarantine Made Me a Yogi

Yoga made a believer out of this mama, if you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for?   I was an intense workout person. Not the kind of person who goes to the gym and...

Going Green: Home Edition

With the pandemic shining a spotlight on hygiene and cleanliness, now is the time to rid your home of harmful chemicals as you try Going Green with your home cleaning routine! With COVID-19 still in...

Feeling Like a Mother for the Very First Time: A Journey to Motherhood

Feeling like a mother for the very first time is one of the most extraordinary gifts of motherhood. My journey to motherhood was like a river – lots of twists, turns, and rocks along the way....
woman covering her mouth because of a cold sore

Small Life Lessons from a Cold Sore

Can we all agree that cold sores stink big time? If you have never had one – kudos to you, my friend. Unfortunately, I get cold sores. I have since high school. But with diet,...
make up brushes and powders on a concrete table

Going Green: The Make-Up Edition for Natural Beauty

Following my Green Skincare post from last month, we’re shifting gears to make-up! While skincare is my first true love, I’ve grown in my confidence in using make-up; what to use when, how to...
going green with all natural skincare products on a white background

Going Green: The Skincare Edition for Truly Natural Products

Back in the day, I used to have the Sephora super-duper, double-platinum, wrapped-in-diamonds membership level. You know, the one where you spend oodles of money each month to cash in on all the extra...

Journey to Healing: Living with an Autoimmune Disease

I woke up to a spinning room. Not like a Tom’s Twister round-and-round spinning, but more like a barrel-rolling-downhill spinning. "Crap!" I thought. I had a full day – work, kids, appointments, and meetings. I...

50 Years of Marriage Wisdom

My parents (Ken and Sue) recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. FIFTY. YEARS.  I adore my parents. I’ve always admired their marriage and what they mean to each other. They made (and make) marriage...