Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams
I am a single, working, foster mom, currently to two little boys (4 & 6). When I'm not working, chauffeuring kids to all the things, and dishing out 10,000 meals and snacks per day. I enjoy running and reading!
a black and white outline of a mom’s hand holding a child’s hand inside of a heart

Say What??? Things Not to Say to a Foster Parent

I have been a foster mama now for about three and a half years and have heard ALL of the commentary from family, friends, and 'well-intentioned' strangers. I honestly think that people want to...

Cape Town, South Africa :: An Adventure of a Lifetime!

Back in February, my brother gave me a call and told me that he and his husband were surprising our mom with a trip to South Africa for her 70th birthday coming up in...
a canvas on a table with the painting of a green leaf and the word, “Breathe” above it reminding us that it is okay to step back

Learning To Step Back and Giving Myself Permission to Breathe

Be intentional and make learning to step back a priority.   I am one of those people that tend to load up my plate until it is overflowing, and then I feel like I'm drowning. I...
A graphic of buildings and houses to look like a neighborhood with the words, "Living in the Lou, A Neighborhood Series" across the top

Living in the Lou: Lindenwood Park, Quaint Neighborhood Vibes in the STL

Living in the Lou: Lindenwood Park originally ran in March, 1010   We moved to Lindenwood Park from the Dogtown area last summer, and we absolutely love it. We chose the area because it is central...
two kids putting laundry from the basket away

Letting Kids Help When You’re A Control Freak

Help is supposed to make a job easier, but all moms know that letting kids help can make a job twice as hard!   Anyone else an OCD control freak like me? I sometimes feel like...
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Help, Sensory Overload! How’s a Mom to Cope?

Finding balance when sensory overload hits can restore peace to your home.   Do you know what my very favorite thing to do is? Sit. That’s right. I love to sit on the porch and drink...
a woman sitting on a couch, eyes closed, inhaling the aroma from a steaming cup of coffee

Taking Care of My Sweet Self: Daily Rituals that Make Loving Myself Easy

The author, Jen Hatmaker, recently wrote a post talking about the things that she does for her morning self and night self in order to take care of her 'sweet self.' First off, I...

Systemic Racism: Hard Conversations Not Every Mother Has to Have

Not every child is raised the same; systemic racism creeps in to erase a part of childhood innocence.  If you have played Chutes and Ladders 10,000 times as I have, you know the four little...
a mom and her son reading holiday books on the couch

Holiday Children’s Books: Festive Stories to Read with Your Kids

  I have a problem with books, especially children's books, and holidays seem to be a great excuse to find some new treasured stories! I have magical visions of curling up with the kids, drinking...
a dark, starry sky

Survivor of Suicide

I am a survivor of suicide, not in that I have attempted suicide and survived, but I have lost a loved one to suicide. It's a confusing term to many. This year, we recognize...