Rita Gordon


My Journey with Anxiety

I had a panic attack last night. I felt it brewing all day. My chest was heavy from the moment I woke up and grew tighter and tighter as the day went on. My heart...

Making Fall Family Traditions

Enjoy this fall post which originally ran in October, 2022!   Fall is a beautiful, magical time in our city.  It can also equally become ridiculously overwhelming if you try to do every activity St. Louis has...
morning and nighttime charts of routines for kids

A Parent’s Guide to Making Routines STICK

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by starting the year with routines in place that quickly get forgotten by the second or third week of the school year …   It's me. Hi...

Happy Un-Birthday To You

Remember when you were 15 and thought your life would be totally figured out by your 30s?Birthdays are typically thought of as joyous days, as days of celebration. Birthdays tend to hold a lot...
a flowering plant for a teacher with a heartfelt message and a photo of the student as a way to enforce a positive parent-teacher relationship

Building a Positive Parent-Teacher Relationship

Being a parent and an educator gives Rita a deeper insight into the parent-teacher relationship!   I've worked in education my entire life, but there was nothing that could prepare me for my own daughter's first...