Yasmine Fehr

Yasmine Fehr
Yasmine Fehr is excited to contribute to St. Louis Mom! She is a psychiatric nurse practitioner who is board certified for the whole lifespan, but she specializes in pediatric and adolescent psychiatry. Originally from Memphis, TN, but St. Louis has been home since 2002 when she attended college at Washington University. She currently lives in Ellisville with her husband, Chris, son, Samuel, and their dog, Whitney B. She loves watching and streaming shows (favorites include “The Golden Girls,” “Seinfeld,” “Bob Hearts Abishola,” and “Only Murders in the Building), reading, walking, and spending time with friends and family. She is excited to continue to learn from other St. Louis moms as a new mother and is equally excited to share insights that can benefit children and adolescents.
a close up of someone holding ADHD medications in one hand, putting it into another open hand

ADHD Medication: Can my Child Take a Break During the Summer?

Yasmine, a pediatric psychiatric NP, weighs in on a common question parents ask about ADHD medication.   Well, we made it. Summer is FINALLY here, and my goodness, it was a challenging year for most. School...
five tweens in a circle staring down at the camera

How Do I Know If My Child or Teen Needs Help with Mental Health?

Do you know how to tell if your child or teen needs mental health intervention?   The kids are really going through it.  Things are so different than when you and I grew up: social media...

Healthy Body Image in Children and Adolescents (And Not Just our Girls)

How can we foster healthy body image in today's world?   Content Warning (CW): mentions of disordered eating, symptoms related to eating disorders  “I don’t want to be more than 100 lbs.” “I saw that one of the...

Holiday Stress Management Through Boundaries

As I write this, I am dumbfounded that we are only one month away from 2024.  I think we can all collectively agree that this year ZOOMED by. December famously starts the hustle of...

Anxiety in Children: How Can We Recognize It and Help?

"Children don't choose to melt down. A meltdown is the lower brain's solution to overwhelm. The child has reached a threshold of tolerance and temporarily cannot meet the demands of the environment. We can...
kids running into school at the beginning of a school year for back-to-school

Back-to-School Stress: How Can We Navigate This?

Hi moms!   Well, it’s my first written contribution to St. Louis Mom, and I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful organization.  Here’s the thing that you'll learn about me almost immediately:...