Promise Me, Mama: No Guilt Girl’s Trip


Go ahead – book that girl’s trip or solo getaway!

“Wow, I wish I could do that. I’d feel so guilty.”

This is all I’ve heard as I shared about my upcoming girls’ trip.

No, no, no, mama.

No, you shouldn’t, and no, you will not. While every mama misses her littles, every mama ALSO deserves a break, and taking a guilt-free trip can be a great way to recharge and take care of you.

So, tell me, when’s the last time you’ve taken a trip just for you? 

silhouettes of three women with their arms raised in the air against the sunset

If you haven’t, I’m charging you with scheduling some time alone, whether it’s an exotic location with all your girlfriends or just a local staycation close to home alone. This year, I have two trips planned, and here’s how I remain guilt-free while I’m having fun. 


  1. Communicate. Set boundaries with your loved ones but also share why the trip is important and how it is needed to recharge your battery. 
  2. Plan (as much as possible, where needed). If it makes you feel less anxious and more settled, plan care well ahead of time. Share your itinerary and confirm who’s doing what while you’re away.
  3. (Find your) Match. Select a destination that will help you to relax. Is that self-care? Is that the thrill of excursions? Is that an open bar with amazing food? Either way, find your favs and make sure they’re included. Facetime
  4. Expectations. Make sure you set realistic expectations for your trip and with your travel buddies. Avoid burnout or disappointment by planning ahead and prioritizing your needs. Do you need a nap? Were you looking forward to more sleep and won’t be attending lunch? Let them know early.
  5. Connect. Equal to communication, make sure your family is aware how often you plan to check in and how you plan to stay in touch. Will you FaceTime or just text? Stay connected with your family while on your trip with pictures and keep those kiddos excited by, of course, bringing home souvenirs.
  6. Enjoy. Let go and have fun. Build and make those memories, mama. You need this, and remember, taking a guilt-free mom trip is not only good for you, but it can also benefit your family and relationships by allowing you to come back refreshed and energized! Sharing your own experiences and insights can inspire other moms to take the time they need to recharge and take care of themselves.

three women on a bench in a field of flowers, as they enjoy a girl’s trip together