Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men


When I recommend gifts for men for birthdays, Christmas, or Father’s Day, I tend to take a pragmatic approach. For Valentine’s Day, however, let’s spoil the men in our lives with something they want, not something they need. They deserve a little romance, too! 


  1. a man's watch with a white face and a black band A watch. Man jewelry! Depending on your budget, you can really let loose here. Simon’s Jewelers has a beautiful collection of new and consigned watches and knowledgeable associates to walk you through your watch purchase. While you’re there, why not text your husband a few pictures of the beautiful gems to inspire his own gift-giving? Two birds, one stone.
  2. A cashmere sweater in your favorite color for him. A sweater might seem generic, but in a luxurious fabric and a color and cut that complements your favorite feature of his (his mesmerizing eyes, shiny bald head, strong shoulders, whatever it might be) gives you an opportunity to shower him with compliments and makes hugs extra cozy. Romance!
  3. A cozy robe. Men like hygge, too! Make Netflix and chill (or March Madness, whatever floats his boat) even cozier for your man. This LL Bean robe looks so comfortable, you may have to steal it. Your gift to him will then be your happiness: priceless.
  4. an interracial couple taking a selfieA framed couple photo for his office. Even if he’s working from home for the foreseeable future, remind him how lovely you are with a recent photo in a nice frame. Most male colleagues I’ve had don’t have a more recent couple photo than their wedding, even if that was 20 years ago. So,even if your only recent photos are selfies, print and frame those!
  5. A special beverage to enjoy together. If you and your partner are imbibers, splurge on a fancy bottle of champagne or bourbon – whatever suits your taste! The Wine & Cheese Place is one of my husband’s favorite local spots for its broad range of liquors. Or consider an experimental spirits gift set from local distillery StilL 630. If you don’t have fancy glassware, consider adding that to your gift and make every at-home date night a little more special. Abigail’s STL has a sweet “his, hers, and ours” decanter and glass set or help him enjoy his spirits in one of these masculine flasks from Lusso. Bundle it all up with these flirty little cocktail napkins from The Spotted Pig!
  6. A fun game! So he’s in his cozy robe, you’ve mixed a couple of cocktails, and you’re ready to enjoy some laughter and friendly competition with a lighthearted 90s trivia game. 
  7. Artisan BBQ sauces, hot sauces, or condiments from BeerSauce Shop. Consumables are a perfect balance of practical and enjoyable, and BeerSauce has an impressive selection of unique and delicious sauces and rubs to complement homemade dinners and takeout alike. My husband tried one sample several years ago and has been hooked ever since!


I hope you’re feeling inspired to treat the man in your life this Valentine’s Day. We all deserve a little extra love this year!