Lessen the Load of a Working Mom


Working moms can’t do it all so how do you lessen the load?


There are 168 hours within a week.
On average, I work between 45-50 hours a week.
I commute an average of 5-7 hours a week.


During this time, I …
Stress about getting out of the house on time.



Getting to the bus on time.
Getting to daycare by x time.
Getting to work on time.
Finding backup childcare so I don’t miss work.
Checking on my kids’ feedings, naps, and changes on the daycare app.
Using sick and vacation time on the kids. Mom can’t get sick!
While at work, distracted about my home and family tasks.
While at home, distracted and stressed about my work tasks.


That leaves me an average of 111 hours to …


Wake the kids up.
Get them dressed.
Brush teeth.
Daycare drop off and pick up.
Pack school lunches.
Clean bottles.
Meal planning and prepping.
Cook meals.
5-6 loads of laundry a week.
Fold and put it all away.
Swap out old clothes.
Shop for new clothes.
Pay bills.



Stop by the bank.
Grocery shopping.
Target pick up.
Put it all away.
Daily household chores.
Weekly house cleaning.
Manage the family calendar.
Make various doctor appointments.
Bring kids to various doctor appointments.
Manage play dates.
Manage and buy for birthday parties/events.
Help with school work.
Check daily folder, teacher notes, and emails.
Attend school events.
Then, there’s sports and lessons.
Bath time.
Brush teeth.
Tuck them into bed.


Oh, and don’t forget to find time to …
Wash your face.
And, most importantly, spend time with your kids.


So, how can we lessen the load?


1. Digital Calendar. I live for my Google Calendar. It’s easy to set reminders, color code work vs. personal events, and easily edit/delete tasks.

2. Automate. Grocery pick up. Target drive up. Automatic bill payments. As much as I love strolling the aisles of Target, on the regular … these are massive time savers.

3. Delegate. Sometimes I feel like I’m nagging, but then I remind myself—“I can’t do it all.” Delegate tasks within the home. Add some chore charts along the way!

4. Clean as you go. While the kids are playing in the bath tub, wipe down the countertops and scrub the toilet. My little secret—I hire someone to clean my house 1-2 times a month. My version of self-care!

5. Start saying NO. Don’t agree to additional work tasks. Don’t agree to the bake sale. You can say no. It’s okay.


How do you lessen your load?


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Danielle Sawyer
Danielle resides in O’Fallon with her husband Devon, two boys Harrison and Nolan, and three dogs! Danielle is a local Autism Teacher, who advocates for all abilities. Danielle and her son are both deaf/ hard of hearing— they’re a hearing aid/ cochlear implant household. Danielle’s hobbies include baking, riding four wheelers, exploring their property, sitting around a campfire, board games, and pinteresting crafts she most likely will never do! You can find The Sawyers at some of their favorite spots: Magic House, Big Joel’s Safari, and Indian Camp Creek!