National Christmas Movie Marathon Day: A New Tradition


Mark your calendars! A new holiday tradition is on the horizon: National Christmas Movie Marathon Day. The day before Christmas Eve (December 23rd), its honestly the best way to kick off winter break.

Grab some hot chocolate and snuggle under the blankets with your family (or alone) to watch some classic, and maybe not-so-classic, holiday movies. Here are four favs that are must-watches each season, including ratings

Christmas Vacation (ages 13+): be prepared for strong language but also strong laughter. Saving this one for older kiddos— it’s a true holiday classic that is sure to create inside jokes for years. 

Home Alone (ages 10+): while it may not translate to your gen-alpha kids (“Couldn’t he just call his mom’s cell phone?”), the magic and mystery of evading the “bad guys” set in all the Christmas decor will bring out the laughs from the entire family.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (ages 7+): a little on the darker side, but the perfect transition from Halloween to Christmas, Jack Skellington is a wholesome animated character who makes you relive the true spirit of Christmas. 

Elf (ages 8+): my all-time favorite (own it in several formats) set in New York and just exudes holiday goodness. Plus, who doesn’t want to follow a human who was raised by elves at the North Pole on a quest to find his real father?

After you select your movies, how do you create a core memory?

We set the stage for our holiday tradition by creating an experience. Using candles, holiday decorations, or even the glow of our Christmas tree, we create a warm and cozy atmosphere. We arrange a mix of couches, chairs, or our play couch to accommodate everyone. Pillows and ALL the blankets are a must.

Not a popcorn fan? Not a problem! Make it even more special by creating themed snacks for the movies like a pizza and ice cream bar for Home Alone, or maybe skip dinner altogether for a pancake spaghetti drenched in syrup and sprinkles like Buddy, the elf. Any way you choose, you create a delightful holiday movie night that brings your family together for a memorable, festive tradition. Happy Holidays!