New Year’s Resolutions: Your Quick Tip Guide to Making Them


Every year I look forward to setting my New Year’s resolutions. It keeps me focused on the bigger picture and reminds me where my small but mighty steps need to take me. If this is your first time or you just don’t know where to start, welcome! This is your quick tip guide to send you off on your New Year’s resolution path.


Be realistic with your resolutions.


There is nothing wrong with aiming high when you set your resolutions, but make sure they are goals that are achievable – for you. Sometimes we want to take the biggest leap without realizing that if we don’t complete our resolution, it could make us lose faith in accomplishing anything else on the list. Start small; keep that confidence up. Even the littlest resolution can make an impact. Example: I will save $20 from every paycheck. Seems small, and hardly a goal, but at the end of 2023, you could have a little nest egg ready for donating or purchasing an item that happened to be the next resolution on your list.  


Write them down, but make it F U N!


If you are a touch crafty, this part makes it fun. Write out your list, clip letters from the weekly mail ads, find fun pictures from the internet or magazine. Decorate a board with your New Year’s resolutions on them and add your own personal flair. 3-D scrapbooking stickers are great. Printed cardstock works. Glitter glue and puff paint your way through your 2023 goals. If you like to keep things simple, by all means, do so. Clean, lined, or plain paper keeps your New Year’s resolutions front and center – no distractions. 😉


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New Year’s resolutions for the little ones.


Setting New Year’s resolutions doesn’t have to just be for the older residents in your household. We can teach toddlers and elementary school-aged children to set a goal and help them work out how to achieve it. For toddlers, it can be something as simple as learning how to get dressed independently – buttons and zips included! Or it can be something easier like feeding the family pet every morning. For little ones in school, I would suggest a goal that they can accomplish hand in hand with their learning. My daughter is in third grade and getting the hang of multiplication, so a resolution for her would be to memorize all of her x8’s by the end of the school year. Or to finish the chapter book that’s been forgotten on the back of her bookshelf. 


Whatever you choose to accomplish in the next year, just know that someone is here cheering you on. Sending you all good vibes and a germ-free New Year! I’m ready to welcome 2023 with open arms! Share this post if you are, too. 


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