Step by Step Guide to Decluttering Your Closet … Finally!


An easy first step in simplifying your life is decluttering your closet.



Are you stressed? Possibly overwhelmed by a busy schedule? Are you craving a simpler life? Have you been wanting to get rid of stuff but just don’t know where to start?

I’ve got your solution.

Your closet. Let’s declutter it— today.

I say this because your closet is the easiest place to start decluttering in your home. Once you declutter your closet and curate it specifically for you, you feel the effects immediately of simplifying life, making it easier, and, oh my, it’s the start of something so good. 

Let’s declutter!


Step 1: Find every article of clothing you own and put it all in one place (bed, in your closet, or on the living room floor). This includes the clothes in the dryer, ironing basket, the socks left in your mudroom, the sweater with the bottom button missing, every single piece.


Step 2: You’re going to do your first sweep! This is the first of three, so no pressure here. Just pull the pieces that don’t fit, the pieces you haven’t worn in a year, the pieces you keep only to please others.

Hopefully, you made a good dent here. Remind yourself constantly why you’re doing this. Living with less is the key to living a richer life. Less to clean, less decision in the morning, a more curated wardrobe, better confidence, and that’s just with your closet. 


Step 3: Color Coordinate! Whether you have 70 pieces or 300 pieces left, this is a wonderful way to organize clothes, and it gives you another look at your pieces before you do your second sweep.



Step 4: Sweep number two is a go. You’ve already seen these pieces, and maybe you couldn’t make a decision? Sweep number two is where I find more clarity in what I want to keep. Focus on that! Focus on what you love in your closet, not what you’re going to miss. 


Step 5: The final sweep! Any last pieces you’re still questioning? Maybe you leave them for a few weeks and see if you wear them.


The first time I did this, I went from 134-47 items. It was the most freeing feeling. Of course, I had lingering fear in the back of my mind.

“What if I miss these items?”

“What if I need this dress again?”

“Will I end up with enough clothing?”

“Will I get tired of wearing the same thing?”



I still went through with it even though I doubted the outcome. But I’m writing about it today and have published a few Youtube videos on it because I want everyone to feel the same way I felt after freeing myself of that clutter. It’s what made me want to continue decluttering every room in my home. I now live so much simpler, I’m appreciating what I have, I’m content, I don’t struggle with jealousy like I used to, and overall, I’m just happier. 

Happy decluttering. May you find freedom, the same freedom I found by living with less. 

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