Deep Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes


Keeping your makeup brushes clean is essential for maintaining healthy skin and ensuring a seamless makeup application. While it’s easy to overlook this task, regular cleaning is crucial. I suggest deep cleaning your brushes at least four times a year (seasonally), but ideally, once a month is best for optimal hygiene.

Step 1:  Start by mixing Dawn dish soap with a drop of olive oil or avocado oil in a dish. The oil acts as a magnet for makeup residues, making it easier to remove stubborn products like foundation and concealer. I recommend using Blue Dawn specifically for its effective cleansing properties.

Step 2:    Pour the dish soap and oil mixture together in a dish and stir thoroughly to ensure the ingredients are well-blended.


Step 3: Dip and Clean Take your brush and dip it into the cleaning solution. You only need to dip the brush slightly; there’s no need to fully submerge it.

Step 4: Brush and Rinse Brush the solution back and forth on the palm of your hand, working the bristles gently to loosen makeup residues. Rinse the brush under running water as you go. For brushes with heavy buildup, you may need to repeat this step several times.


Step 5:  Avoid placing the brush with the bristles facing up into the water, as this can cause water to seep into the handle, leading to loose bristles and shedding. Instead, hold the brush downward towards the sink while rinsing. DO NOT PICK UP AS IN BELOW PHOTO

Step 6: Towel Press Gently press the brush between a towel or paper towel to remove excess water. Be careful not to rub or twist the bristles too vigorously, as this can damage them.


Step 7: Allow to Air Dry Finally, lay the brush over an edge to allow the bristles to fall naturally. Let them air dry for a minimum of 8-10 hours before using them again.

Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes not only extends their lifespan but also ensures that you’re applying makeup with clean tools, minimizing the risk of breakouts and infections. Incorporate this simple routine into your beauty regimen to keep your brushes in top condition and your skin looking its best.


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