Thriftmas: What’s it All About? 


You have probably heard the term Thriftmas buzzing around on social media.  Thristmas is the idea that you thrift/buy resale Christmas gifts.  You might say, “oh, I already do that!” Great, well, I have some tips for you below! If you have never participated in Thriftmas, I want to share a few reasons why you may be interested. 



  1. Cost– when shopping for used items, you can significantly reduce the amount of money you are spending each Christmas.  I don’t know about you, but our budget is much tighter than a few years ago (thanks inflation!) and saving on Christmas gifts is a huge way to save.  
  2. Waste– “According to Medium, approximately 80 percent of all toys end up somewhere on a trash heap. There are many reasons why toys get thrown away, but most of them center on the fact that parents don’t know what else to do once their children have outgrown them.” -Green Matters. EEEEK, that one hurt. Purchasing already used toys can help reduce waste ending up in landfills! 
  3. Expectations– thrifting Christmas gifts can also help your child with some big social-emotional goals. Everything in life does not come in a shiny new package just handed to them. Thriftmas allows for some really great conversations about budgeting and working hard! 


I reached out to other moms and gathered all the favorite Thriftmas spots in the St. Louis Area: 


Photo courtesy of Kangaroo Kids’ Facebook Page


  • Buy Nothing groups- there are a variety of buy nothing groups around the Greater St. Louis area, be sure to authenticate what you are getting- ask for pictures or videos to ensure an item is working, and be safe about meetups! 
  • Mommy2Mommy Swap, West County Mom Swap, and other sales groups- there are a number of groups you can post an ISO (in search of) post in before purchasing new— you may be able to find someone in your area who is selling exactly what you are looking for! 
  • Facebook Marketplace– sometimes the best deals are found right on Marketplace! This year I got the twins a few extra games for the Osmo kit for under $20! 
  • Once Upon a Child: Ballwin Location- great book selection, they check all electronic toys before they put them out on the shelves. Tip: check Marketplace first to ensure you are getting the best pricing 
  • Sproutfitters in Wentzville- they have plenty of new-in-box toys at discounted prices, and they also check all toys before placing them out on the sales floor. 
  • Savers: Crestwood Location- My favorite spot for books; all their books are buy 4 get the 5th free.  Children’s books are priced at $1.59.
  • St. Vincent de Paul: Manchester Location- My friend Rachel says this is her jackpot spot— she always comes out with a deal! 
  • Kangaroo Kids in Rock Hill- Great toy and high-end clothing finds.  Bonus: they have an awesome purchase online option, even for used toys! 
  • Mommy and Me in Washington, MO- a great place for good-condition used toys, and if you are building a cloth diaper stash! 
  • Offer Up– I have not personally used this app but it is one similar to Facebook Marketplace- you select your radius and search! 


photo courtesy of Sproutfitter’s Facebook page


Thriftmas Pro-Tips:


  1. Look for wipeable materials 
  2. Any fabric object can be placed in the sun to sanitize (the sun is a magical cleaner!) 
  3. Ask for pictures or to test an item before purchasing! 
  4. Price check- you never know, maybe someone overpriced their items!
  5. Post ISO in groups before purchasing from a store! 


I can’t wait to see what you score— share your favorite Thriftmas finds with me! @stlouis_mom or @abby_kristine16