ABC’s of Quarantine: a Handy List for Surviving 2020


The ABC’s of Quarantine have helped make this time just a little bit easier to manage.


The year 2020 will go down in the record books as the most memorable year for most people of our generation. Undoubtedly, there have not been many positive events that have marked this year. We can’t help but think, “what could possibly be next?”  We are entering week 16 of our new “normal” with no end in sight. The start of the 2020-2021 school year is in limbo while my husband and I are indefinitely working from home. A lightbulb went off in my head at 1:30 this morning when the storm brought both kids into my bed: The ABCs of Quarantine. Most of these have been my tools/coping mechanisms, but some are ideas from an amazing group of women that belong on my list, as well.

A is for Amazon: The smallest purchases bring such joy whether it’s a new candle or a small surprise for my kiddos, Amazon has been a godsend during this quarantine. I have even been able to score some hand sanitizer and disposable face masks for the kids.

B is for Blondie & Bru Boutique: I know these two amazing women/moms who own an online boutique.  From dip mixes to frozen drink mixes to popcorn, this boutique has it all. I didn’t even mention their selection of adorable clothing items. Visit them at

C is for Coffee: I am such a fan of dark roast coffee. I joined a coffee subscription in the Fall of 2019. Each month you receive a new coffee from around the world. Visit them at


Cup of coffee and roasted coffee beans


D is for Door Dash: Door Dash has a great variety of eating establishments, and the best part is that it is delivered straight to your door! You don’t have to change out of your pajamas, and you are helping to keep the Door Dashers employed.

E is for Envelopes: I let my daughter pick out some neon-colored envelopes. She has been writing letters to her friends and family members. It is good handwriting practice, and she learned how to address an envelope.plastic forks on a fuchsia napkin on an aqua background

F is for Forks: Forks? Yes. Forks. Since we have been eating at home more, we have been using more dishes. It seems that we run out of forks the fastest. Solution: real forks only get used for dinner.

G is for GIFs: I joke that I am fluent in English and GIFs. A well placed GIF can lighten any mood.

H is for Hand Sanitizer: No explanation needed. I have resorted to buying a bottle whenever I see it so I can stock up for the school year to make sure our classrooms are supplied.

I is for Instacart: I have not entered a grocery store since the beginning of quarantine. All of my groceries are delivered through Instacart, and I’m a good tipper.

J is for Jammies: There are no work clothes anymore, just pajamas.

K is for Kindness: With so much negativity in the world right now, it has been so important to teach our children the language of kindness. No matter how small the act of kindness is, it can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

L is for Lysol Wipes: Another hot commodity but harder to find than hand sanitizer.

M is for Margaritas: It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.

margarita cocktail with lime

N is for Netflix: My days would drag without something to watch in the background. I have binged several series already.

O is for Ozark: Binge this on Netflix.

P is for Pinterest: I’ve used this time to try out so many new recipes from Pinterest for my family.

Q is for Queso: If I can’t go to the Mexican restaurant, I at least need my queso.

R is for Resilience: We have all made it this far, I would say we are pretty resilient.

S is for Snacks: All day long, my kids want snacks. Amazon, Target, and Instacart have helped keep our snack supply stocked at all times.

Toilet paper rolls in a basket.T is for Toilet Paper: No description necessary. Stock up.

U is for Umpteen: This is how many times a day I say things like “leave your sister alone,” “stop talking,” or “eat your food” on a daily basis.

V is for Vodka: Good for martinis and many of the frozen drink mixes I mentioned earlier from Blondie & Bru Boutique.

W is for Wine: Makes an excellent gift for a friend or neighbor or a great nightcap.

X is for Xanax: As a medicated mama, these days are long. The slightest change can throw the universe completely off balance. Lately, the changes have not been slight but more like monumental.

Y is for YouTube: I won’t even pretend that my kids don’t watch a lot of YouTube these days. My 4-year-old loves watching Peppa Pig and Sid the Science kid while the 9-year-old prefers slime making videos.

Z is for Zzzquil: Sleep is hard to come by these days. There are so many unknowns and worrisome events happening in and around our communities that it is impossible for it not to keep me up at night.

What are some of your Quarantine ABCs?