Autism Acceptance Month: The Ultimate Sensory List


This post originally ran in 2021, and in honor of Autism Acceptance Month, we are sharing it again with you!


April is Autism Acceptance Month. According to Autism Speaks, 1 out of 54 children is affected by autism.

I have been in the field of special education for the past ten years. Currently, I have an autism program where we include multi-sensory toys into everyday learning. I also come across behaviors that require us to utilize various calm down tools and a sensory room.

Here’s my ultimate list of sensory items as a resource for all parents.


a collage of sensory bins for autism awareness month


Sensory Bins

First and foremost, I love sensory bins! We use themed sensory bins throughout our day.


Sensory Items 

Noise-cancelling headphones
Sound puzzles, especially Melissa & Doug
Sensory blocks
Koosh balls
Magna doodlea yellow stress ball with a smiley faceLight Brite (yes, bringing it back!)
Pin Art Board
Marble Run
Therapy putty
Stress balls
Bubble sensory toy, this is the newest and hottest sensory item
Fidget tubes
Pop tubes
Liquid motion bubbles
Chew buddies
Sensory brushes
Sensory bottles (DYI time)
Balance board
Scooter boards
Wiggle seat
Projector lights
Bubble lights
a close up of a green lave lamp with a blue one in the backgroundLava lamp
Fiber optic lamp
Weighted lap pillow
Weighted blanket
Weighted vest
Compression blanket
Body sock
Inflatable chair
Bean bag or Big Joe chair
Wobble Chair
Hopper Ball
Yoga Balls
Ball pit
Stepping stones
Hammock swing
Liquid tiles


Where to find these items?

Amazon, Five Below, Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Garage Sales, and Facebook Marketplace (especially the pricey items) are my go-to places.

What are your favorite sensory bins to make? What are your favorite sensory toys?


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Danielle Sawyer
Danielle resides in O’Fallon with her husband Devon, two boys Harrison and Nolan, and three dogs! Danielle is a local Autism Teacher, who advocates for all abilities. Danielle and her son are both deaf/ hard of hearing— they’re a hearing aid/ cochlear implant household. Danielle’s hobbies include baking, riding four wheelers, exploring their property, sitting around a campfire, board games, and pinteresting crafts she most likely will never do! You can find The Sawyers at some of their favorite spots: Magic House, Big Joel’s Safari, and Indian Camp Creek!