St. Louis Mom’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022


The St. Louis Mom TeamHello friends! As we reflect on all we’ve learned and experienced, individually and collectively, thank YOU for journeying with us here at St. Louis Mom! 


In 2022, we: 

  • Collectively reached 1.5 million St. Louis moms!
  • Welcomed more than 250,000 visitors to our website
  • Connected with thousands of moms on social media
  • Welcomed more than 1200 local moms and families to our in-person events
  • Connected with nearly 2000 newsletter subscribers per week
  • Reached nearly 15K Instagram Followers


We are proud of our ever-growing reach and are honored that you take the time to enjoy our content. We hope it is an encouragement to you in motherhood.

Here are the top 10 most-read blog posts written by our team, in addition to our top three visited resource guides. We feel this is a vast representation of the content our team provides. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading. And we can’t wait to continue journeying with you in 2023!



Number 10

“I Just Need to be Sad, Mommy!!!”

by Rachel Hodges


“The more I hurried him, the more upset he got until finally, he said the words,

 “I just need to be sad, Mommy!!!”

 And I stopped dead in my tracks.

Of course he needed to be sad.

Something that mattered to him had just been taken away.

Something happened that left him hurt and feeling disappointed.

Something that he had been excited about had just unraveled.

 Of course he needed to be sad.
 And — sadness can not be rushed.”


Number 9

Diabetes, I Hate You

by Caitlin Ladd

“Diabetes, while it has been a deep journey of learning, has also met its hard times, feelings of disenchantment, and honestly, the hatred for the cards dealt to us. But, what I hate most about diabetes or really any juvenile chronic illness is the freedom it’s robbed us of and, most importantly, my oldest’s childhood. Six years of childhood reenvisioned. Never a day goes by without the obstacles of “who’s on first,” caregiver burnout, adjusted expectations, and realization of a new normal.”


Number 8

A Diagnosis of HOPE

by Kristi Denner

“From our OB to every single member of the fetal care team that walked alongside us on this journey, we were reassured time and time again that if our child did indeed have Down syndrome, he or she could have a full, productive life, would have value and bring joy to our lives no matter what. They acknowledged that many people with Down syndrome could potentially live on their own, get jobs, and have families. No promises, of course, but HOPE was communicated. Hope for possibilities in a world where there are so many things in place for individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities, helping them be more successful and have longer life expectancies.”


Number 7

Cookie Exchange Treat Alternatives!

by Jamie Scaccia

“Cookie exchanges are my favorite! They are such a fun part of the season and a close second to the lights that I see all around town. But what can be a disappointment is when you come home with a plate full of chocolate chip cookies and those snowballs that are a mysterious mixture of buttery powdered sugar. Instead, come to impress! Here are some ideas for non-cookie alternatives for your cookie parties! They are all attainable, many no-bake, and kid-friendly!”


Number 6

A Daughter Always Needs Her Mama

by Kelly Watson

“… I need her to tell me that everything will be okay when I am feeling overwhelmed or defeated in parenting. I need her to say, “This, too, shall pass,” like she always would. 

… I need her hugs. Her hugs would make everything better. No bandaids needed! It was like the best blanket of love. All I needed was my Mom’s hug, and a kiss on my cheek, and all in the world was good …

…I need her to say my name like only a Mommy can say their child’s name … just ONE.MORE.TIME …”


Number 5

Tiny but Mighty: Tales from the NICU

by Steph Hampton, Tricia Koebel, and Candice Meyer

“Each baby who enters the world has their own story. NICU babies add quite a bit more adventure to that story. These babies are tiny but mighty, and conquer so much in their early lives. NICU parents are thrust into a world that is unexpected and out of their control. Both NICU parents and babies walk through the experience becoming warriors.

With World Prematurity Day on November 17th, here are some of our stories and things that have helped us mamas navigate the journey.”


Number 4

Eating through the STL Top 100 Restaurants – Date Night Edition!

by Haley Strebler

“If you read my blog post last month, then hopefully, you’re already working through the family-friendly version of the STL Top 100 Restaurants by Ian Froeb.   With summer comes a lot of family time, but it’s important to take a break to spend some date nights with your partner when you get the opportunity. While you’re checking restaurants off the Top 100, here are my picks for great date night options from the 2022 list!


Number 3

Simmering Stovetop Scent: Fill your Home with the Smell of the Holidays

by Anna Beck

” I find myself making this recipe over and over and over again during the holidays. Is it the feeling I get inside when I smell the cinnamon in the air? Is it the bitter cold outside and the warm fire inside that makes me long to stay inside and slow down? Is it the fact that someone I care about first made this for me, and so I think of them each time I make it? Whatever the reason, this simmering scent is sure to be a favorite in both your own home and in the homes of those you gift it to.” 


Number 2

Fall Day Trip Ideas Within One Hour of St. Louis

by Rebekah Coste

“It’s almost fall, y’all! This is a time of year my family and I love to get out and explore (in the hopes that cooler temperatures provide for a more pleasant outing with little ones!) Of course, we love to explore all the fun St. Louis has to offer in the fall, but we also like to venture out into the state of Missouri, too! Here’s a list of nearby road trip ideas for you and your family to enjoy this fall!”


And … Number 1

VOTE for the Winner of the St. Louis Mom-Owned Business Grant 

by St. Louis Mom

Bloom vendor

“This year for Mother’s Day, we are giving a $500+ grant to one St. Louis Mom-owned small business to help support their business. St. Louis Mom pledges to provide the winner with a $500 grant, but we also invite YOU to participate. Help us give even more to local Mom-owned businesses by making a donation with each nomination – all donated funds will be lumped in with the $500 grant from St. Louis Mom!”





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