Summer Survival


This school year, I made the move back to full-time teaching. When I taught before, it exhausted me to my core. After 7 years as a stay-at-home mom and then returning to teaching, being at school and teaching high school seems like a breeze. Staying at home was, hands down, my hardest job. Now, as my colleagues are hanging up their hats for the summer, I am gearing up for long days with my very energetic kids, ages 8 and under. This is quite the change of pace. It is physically and emotionally exhausting. In brainstorming ideas on how to best spend our summer, here are some of the survival tactics I plan on trying. 


children playing with a hose in the backyard in the summer


  1. Going to Sam’s and stocking up on snacks— if their mouths are full, they can’t whine as loud.
  2. Putting them in swimsuits and chasing them with a hose. Not only are they getting exercise, but if I throw some soap on them, it’s a bath. 
  3. Paying a babysitter to watch them once a week. No joke on this one. This is just pure wisdom. 
  4. Swimming lessons and summer camps— these engage the kids and also give me a break. Win-win. 
  5. Walmart pick-up, car wash, and drive-thru. NO ONE wants to take three kids into the store. One day a week, put them all in the car, use Walmart pick up, take them to the car wash for some in car entertainment and swing thru Chick-fil-A. They’ll be getting a treat and you won’t have to make lunch. You’ll be a hero and complete all of your errands at the same time. 


Summers are hot and long. We love our little ones so much; we want to enjoy them and we want them to enjoy their summer. Maybe some of these ideas will help make it a happy, healthy and fun time until they return to school in the fall.