Amber Marshall

Amber Marshall
Amber and her husband Justin, are navigating being first time parents in their late thirties, to their son Beckett (2019). When not baby wrangling, yelling don’t eat that or Googling how to deal with back pain, what is this rash, or is my baby teething, they are usually busy DIYing the renovations on their new home in the Metro East. In her work life, Amber works in event sales/event management full time. In the tiny amount of free time she has, you can find her perusing interior design blogs, researching clean beauty trends, exploring art fairs, antique stores, estate sales and creating her own adventures all over the city.

The First Timers Guide To Legoland Florida

    The first thing most people think of when they think of Florida is Disney World. But for those of us with preschoolers and elementary-aged children who hate lines and crowds and are just generally...
an assistant teacher at a table with preschoolers

Singing the Praises of our Assistant Teachers

Between COVID and being on an extensive waiting list for the preschool we wanted, my son embarked on his first time away from family this year when he started three-year-old preschool. (If you are...
a black door with google eyes affixed to it for Halloween decorations

Toddler-Approved Halloween Decorations

This Halloween Decorations post originally ran in October, 2022.   At three years old, my son already has a favorite holiday, Halloween. Maybe it’s because his birthday is in October, or because he has a weird...

Summer Favorites of an Indoorsy Mom Part 2: The Outdoor Edition

As my son has gotten older, resist as I might, he wants to spend more time outside. If you’ve read my previous blog post, Summer Favorites of An Indooorsy Mom, you’ll know Midwest summer...

Summer Favorites of an Indoorsy Mom

Are you an indoorsy mom? Even if you aren’t, these tips are fab!   Midwest Summer, the heat, humidity, the bugs, I’ll take a hard pass on all of it. I’ve never been a fan of...
an American flag at half mast

It’s Not Unimaginable Anymore

April 20th, 1999 was my 17th birthday. It was also the day the unimaginable happened. In Columbine, CO, thirteen students and one teacher lost their lives, 24 students were injured and many more were...
a teacher helping a student

What Teachers Really Want For Valentine’s Day: Your Support

    It’s that time of year when everyone is posting the cute little teacher baskets for Valentine's Day. The baskets are great, but with the current state of teaching, let’s get them what they really...
clean beauty hand lotion in an open jar in the hands of a woman

Clean Beauty on a Budget: A Fresh Take for the New Year

This Clean Beauty post originally ran in 2021, and it’s so helpful with making those New Year’s Resolutions!   With the new year approaching, how about an easy health-related New Year’s resolution for once? Switching to...

I Hate Water Beads and You Should, Too

Do you have water beads in your home?   Water beads— they looked so cool on social media. Now I cringe every time I see someone show them on Instagram.  I now hate them, and you...
an African American family blowing bubbles in the grass

Make This the Year of the No Stress Summer Bucket List

Every year as school gets out, you start seeing Summer Bucket Lists everywhere. Just like keeping up with all the things you see on social media, it can seem like adding a separate to-do...