Amber Marshall

Amber Marshall
Amber and her husband Justin, are navigating being first time parents in their late thirties, to their son Beckett (2019). When not baby wrangling, yelling don’t eat that or Googling how to deal with back pain, what is this rash, or is my baby teething, they are usually busy DIYing the renovations on their new home in the Metro East. In her work life, Amber works in event sales/event management full time. In the tiny amount of free time she has, you can find her perusing interior design blogs, researching clean beauty trends, exploring art fairs, antique stores, estate sales and creating her own adventures all over the city.
a woman sitting at a desk in front of her open laptop, pen in hand as her toddler daughter wraps her arms around her mom's neck from behind

The Major Silver Lining for Moms from 2020: Flexible Schedules and Work from Home...

COVID devastated the place of countless women in the workforce. According to the National Women’s Law Center, 2.3 million women left the workforce from February 2020 through January 2021. But for those that were...
baby gifts on a table with baby shower decorations

Baby Registry Must Haves and New Mom Tips from St. Louis Mom

Registering for a baby can be extremely daunting for a new parent. I will always remember, as most do, my first anxiety-inducing trip to Buy Buy Baby. That place really should include a paper...
a playroom toy shelf with toys easily displayed, per the Montessori method

Building Independence and Saving Our Sanity the Montessori-ish Way

Have you heard of the Montessori Method? Applying some of the key components to your routines can have a huge impact on how you parent! As someone who learns best from doing things as opposed...

Passing Down the True Magic of Christmas

The true magic of Christmas lingers long after the season ends.   Christmas has always been a special time for my family and me. It is my mother’s favorite holiday, and she always made sure it...
Tools laid out on green turf in the shape of a house to symbolize home renovations and DIY Projects

DIY Renovations: A Mother’s Survival Guide

We are now almost to month ten of the renovations on our new home, and while we may not be close to finished, we have learned some valuable lessons.     Lesson 1: It takes a village.   From...

Fun Halloween Books To Celebrate the Spooky Season

Halloween books are a fun way to get your little ones excited about the spooky season ahead!   Anyone who knows me knows that I love Halloween. From the homemade Maggie Simpson costume, complete with papier-mâché...
an African American boy smiling as he reads a book in the library

Reading Tips From the Pros | Encourage a Love of Reading in Your Child

With school starting up again, one thing a lot of parents have questions about is reading, especially how to get started and how to encourage it. My son is nowhere near reading age yet, but...
DIY hearth seat cover with a baby sitting on top of it

DIY Life Lessons: Perfectly Imperfect Parenting and a Hearth Seat

When I was deciding what type of mom I wanted to be, one thing I knew was that I wanted to be a creative DIY mom. I wanted to have a sense of accomplishment...

A Colorful Playroom Makeover to Inspire Fun in Any Kid

Looking for ideas for a colorful playroom for your little ones?  Look no further! No detail was overlooked in this artfully inspired space!   When people say that you shouldn’t make any major life changes with...