Baby Registry Must Haves and New Mom Tips from St. Louis Mom


Registering for a baby can be extremely daunting for a new parent. I will always remember, as most do, my first anxiety-inducing trip to Buy Buy Baby. That place really should include a paper bag to breathe in for all first-time customers!


To help you start your journey to motherhood off, some of the St. Louis Mom contributing writers and I compiled a list of our favorite registry must-haves and shared some of our tried-and-true tips and resources for mom life.


A baby registry sign at a store


Registry Must-Haves


Boppy lounger

Zip up pajamas (no snaps, no matter how cute the pajamas, trust us on this one).

Sleepsacks with zippers (you’ll need a few due to blowouts and spit-up. Halo and Burt’s Bees make great options).


a baby laying on a Boppy pillow as mom and dad look on lovingly


Boppy Pillow

Nose Frida 

Ubbi Baby Diaper Pail and reusable Alva Baby Diaper Pail Liners

Reusable wipes and spray to keep in the kitchen for messy hands and face

A high chair that fits under the table so your baby can feel a part of the family at the table as opposed to away from the table in a stand-alone chair.

A great stroller. Jogging strollers work best for multipurpose use. BOB Gear and J is for Jeep by Delta Children have nice options.

a blue jogging stroller from behind on a sidewalk meandering through a neighborhoodLight Dimmer 

Vibrating bouncer

Nipple shield for nursing

White noise machine (fans and air purifiers work as well for white noise if you need something that does double duty).

Newborn gowns

Waterproof Changing Pad Liners (these work great not only for the changing pad but if you have a baby that loves to spit-up, they are great for laying underneath the baby to protect your couch, floor, etc. from spit-up stains).

All. The. Burp. Cloths. Nice ones for “going out” and regular ones to stash all over the house.


Resources and Tips



Kid: aged 17 months



Keep any items you find on an Amazon Registry, even if you won’t need them for years. This helps you keep track of things, so you don’t have to research items again down the line for things like potty training, feeding, books, or toys. It’s also an easy way to let family and friends know what your child needs for holidays and birthdays.



Kangaroo Kids is a resale shop with a great selection of gently used items. Resale is perfect for larger items like strollers, high chairs, swings, baby seats, wraps, etc., so you don’t waste so much on something that doesn’t work. Bonus, you can always resell it back if it doesn’t work. They also have a fabulous selection of toys, clothes, and shoes.



Kids: aged 5 and 2 



Trust your Gut! Be honest about your own mental health at your 6-week checkup and schedule something around that 3-4 month mark with your primary care physician to check your blood work and do a depression screening! 


Resource: Kindermusik classes for infants/toddlers through Webster Community Music School.

wooden letters that spell "baby music" next two a xylophone and maracas



Kids: aged 6 and 4



Once your kids are predictably sleeping, wake before they do each morning and have some moments to exercise, read, drink coffee, or sit and be yourself before you are ‘mom’ for the day. 



Find a group online that jives with you and use it as a place to ask questions and seek answers as they arise.


a mom holding her baby as they take swim lessons togetherDanielle

Kid: aged 3


Fed is best!



We started infant classes and moved into toddler classes at both Kelly’s Gym and Little Fishes.



Kids: aged 10 and 4



Take the help. If someone offers to do your dishes, make you dinner, do the laundry, or hold the baby so you can sleep — LET THEM! If they don’t offer, ASK THEM! 



NurtureShock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman is an eye-opening read that helped me feel more secure when I wanted to go against the grain in a parenting decision. 


a potty training seat next to a toilet in a blue and white bathroomJessica

Kids: aged 10, 9 and 5



Try the 3-Day Potty Training only after they’ve turned three and seem ready. Show them the “Poop Song” on YouTube. It’s horrible in the best way, and it works. 



Find a mom group either at church, MOPS, Facebook, or through school or the gym and lean on those women. They will help you and sustain you.



Kids: aged 2 and 4 



PPD is so unbelievably common and can be severe. Take it seriously. Once a baby is born, the conversation shifts from “How are you?” to “How is the baby?”. You need to be healthy to be a good mom so take care of yourself! 



Postpartum Support International has amazing resources, a hotline, and information on ways to support you state-by-state. 



Kids: aged 4, 2, and newborn on the way! 



Pelvic floor physical therapy is a game-changer for recovering your health post-baby. Do it!!



Find a fellow mom you can go to any time and pour your heart out. Even an older mentor can bring voice and reason to the momentary troubles of new motherhood!


baby gifts on a table with baby shower decorations

Do you have any must-haves, tips or resources? Leave them in the comments below!

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