Christina Johans

Christina Johans
Christina Johans was born and raised right here in the Lou. She is a mom to Sophie & Cooper and a dog mama to Babe (frenchie), Luna (beagle) and Nash (lab). Within the past year she moved to Ballwin with her husband, Spencer. She is the “house manager” and a skincare enthusiast, selling her favorite products when she’s not busy chasing the littles around. Christina Is known for her passion for dogs, photography and friends and family would add “flipping homes” since this will be the third house they’ve lived in, in 4 years! Christina is excited to share what she’s learned so far as being a mom and her life here in the Lou.
as moving day approaches, a young girl stands next to a for sale sign in her yard

Tips to Help Make Moving a Breeze with Kids

Tips for Moving with Kids: Moving, in general, is a whirlwind, but add in kids and it can sometimes turn out to be a tornado. After moving four times in the past 10 years with...
a palm tree on a hot pink background with the words, "spring break" in the middle

Spring Break from H-E … Well, You Know the Rest

Weather changing. Spring approaching. Let's get the heck out of STL! The beach? SURE- let's go! Sand. Sun. Family in tow. What could go wrong? Literally everything.   Day 2 was blue Not talking about the sky Mama, my tummy hurts. Vomit all around me. Second round of...

National Women Supporting Women Day

A little history: On February 28th, 1909, 15,000 women marched through New York City, demanding shorter hours and better pay. In 1975, The United Nations General Assembly began to celebrate International Women’s Day. It wasn’t...
a living room decorated with style

Keep your Style

It is possible to have kids AND style.   Okay, I want to first state that I am by no means a professional. I'm just a mom who doesn't want to live in a home overrun...

I Was Your First Friend

  From the second you were born - I was your first friend. I held your hand as you learned to walk. When you were sick, your hand was in mine. I held it when you went to...

Support Small: Showing Love to St. Louis Area Businesses

Support small St. Louis area businesses this season and all year round! Ever since my first job (with the exception of babysitting-but maybe that does count?!) I’ve had the pleasure of working for small businesses....
a mom holding her toddler son at a pumpkin patch

I’m Just Trying My Best and My Best is OK

  “It’s just a phase.” But how long does it last?   “You should just spend one-on-one time with him.” But he’s already literally glued to me.   “You’re not giving him the attention he had before.” I don’t know how much...
activity boxes filled with toys and crafts to occupy kids when you’re busy and to help calm the chaos

Calming the Chaos

Part of calming the chaos is accepting it!     Well, whoever said, “One to two is hard - anything after is a breeze,” was seriously mistaken. We have now moved from man-to-man to zone defense, and...
a young boy eating an ice cream cone on a date night: kids edition

Date Night: Kids Edition

    Check out these date night ideas with your kiddos!       My husband started taking my daughter on "date nights" right around the time she turned two - to our favorite Mexican restaurant. She is...
a boy sliding on a slip ’n slide in his yard

FREE Activities To Do with Your Kiddos this Summer

What are some of your favorite free activities for summer fun?   With summer here, it can be daunting to think of something for those busy kids to do almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Personally, during the...