Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!


Teamwork is the key …


Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 8-year wedding anniversary!!! When I think about our love and the beautiful life we are building together for our sweet family, I think of what we always say- “Teamwork makes the dream work!”.  I do believe that working together as a team while creating this story of US has helped create a very loving, caring, and respectful marriage that I am honestly so thankful for and proud of. 



Now, don’t get me wrong … ! We can get on each other’s nerves! HA! But, for the most part- we genuinely love being with EACH OTHER and with our kids. When I talk about “Teamwork”, I’m talking about how we usually try to take into account each other’s feelings in everything that we do. We try to make the best decisions for our family- together. We respect each other. And we try to be FAIR! 


Here are some examples of what I’m talking about! 


Sleeping– Now, I am a person who NEEDS my sleep- you don’t ever want to run into Kelly Watson when she hasn’t slept or had her energy drinks! My husband knows this and is the total opposite; he is a night owl and can run off of very little sleep (Bless him!). So! With this, we have come up with some pretty good strategies to help each of us feel like we are getting enough sleep with the kids! On weekends, we follow these rules: 


  1. On Saturdays, I get to sleep in! 
  2. On Sundays, He gets to sleep in! 


That way, both of us get the opportunity to get extra sleep instead of getting up at the crack of dawn like we do every weekday!


Another example involving sleep is that we switch off every day as to who puts who to sleep! We have two boys … one has been sleep trained since he was 12 weeks old, and the other who has never been the best sleeper but! Is WAY better than he used to be.




It used to be a huge task to get our oldest to sleep; these days … with school and getting his energy out in any way that we can (going outside etc), it takes very little time to get him to sleep along with his brother. But! Before! It would take 1-2 hours, at least! So, we came up with switching off- 


  1. Today, I’ll put our youngest to sleep
  2. He’ll put our oldest to sleep
  3. Tomorrow, I’ll put our oldest to sleep
  4. Tomorrow, He’ll put our youngest to sleep

… and, so on and so on …


We use teamwork … we work together and we know what to expect! Now, of course, there have been times when one of us is sick or has a girls/boys night out and so we’ll just take care of both boys… but, for the most part, we switch off and we’re both happy!!!! 


Household Work– One thing that I love about my husband is that he is not above washing dishes, cooking, folding clothes, or doing whatever the heck to just help out around the house! THIS! Has been a huge part of our team-work that has helped keep our marriage happy! I, too, am not above mowing the lawn, washing my car and keeping it clean, putting up Christmas lights … etc! The key is just being willing to DO IT!!! Here’s an example: 


  • My husband always keeps my SUV clean! Like, details it and takes pride in doing so! The kids get in the car and boom! There goes crumbs, wrappers from snacks etc all in the backseat. I make it a point to try to have the kids give me their trash (A HUGE work in progress!), but when that doesn’t happen, I will park the car … and make sure I get all the trash out every day. I try to swing past the car wash and vacuum the car out just to try to keep it as clean as I possibly can! I let my husband know that I SEE him and I appreciate what he does by trying to keep my car clean- together, we, again, have used TEAMWORK!


I love US! I love doing life with my husband.. he truly is the best teammate! 


an African American family on the front steps of their home: a mother, father, and two young boys

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Kelly W.
Kelly was born in Los Angeles, CA, and raised in her hometown of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (GO BA!) where she graduated as a Tiger. Soon thereafter, she moved to Columbia, MO, and attended The University of Missouri-Columbia (a Tiger again!). She graduated in 2009 with her degree in Actuarial Science with an emphasis in Finance. While at Mizzou, she met her husband. Once they graduated, they moved back to St. Louis. They got married in St. Lucia in 2014 in front of all of their closest friends and family after being together for 5 years! A couple of years later (2! To be exact!) they had their oldest son! During the pandemic they had their youngest son and feel their beautiful family is complete! Being a Mom is the most challenging and rewarding job! Kelly truly LOVES and adores her boys! They are blessings and her heart! After working super hard at her job for the past nine years (almost a decade whoohooo!), she attained her dream role! She is a Data Engineer specializing in Data Integration. What is that? …maybe one day she will talk about it! She loves her job- it’s super challenging!! She is not the biggest fan of being on-call once a month, but! Hey! Sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do! As mentioned earlier, Kelly loves St. Louis … she lives in Ballwin and adores her neighbors and neighborhood. Her family is the most important thing to her. They love doing everything together! They love taking their boys to parks, water parks (especially with summer! Whooo! )… pretty much any place that they can get all of that energy out!! They have energy for days … weeks … heck! She just needs 5% of it and she’d be set for the rest of her life! She and her husband also find it important to have their alone time- they love dates! Thanks to her super supportive and loving MIL, they get to go on dates from time to time! They love trying new spots to eat (Brass Rail is a new favorite with the best martinis!), going to the movies and traveling! Kelly’s looking forward to sharing her thoughts on a variety of topics and she is hoping you will be open to listening and maybe discussing!


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