3 Reasons You Need a Snute in Your Life 

Enjoy this Snute sponsored post, delivering an exceptional drinking experience through interesting drinkware.

Hydration is a necessary part of life. We all drink something every day, so why not grab a drink the right way? Here are 3 reasons why Snute Drinkware is the only way to enjoy your beverages of choice. We love this local brand and here’s why!

Snute glassware
  1. Your Drink is Valuable! You paid good money for that drink! We love our local scenes, but they aren’t cheap! A Snute Can Cooler is light, comfortable to hold, and preserves the temperature of your drink. Sure, we don’t need a drink to stay cool for 10 hours at a time, but times change and we’re consuming less than before. 
  2. Your Brumate Can’t Do This. You probably have your own type of Koozie at home, but you might have some issues with them. You ever pick up your Koozie and shake it, thinking it still has a bit of weight to it but tip it upside down to find it empty? You ever lose those flimsy rims that keep the cans in place? You ever find that it doesn’t fit in the lawn chair at your daughter’s soccer game? Snute Thinsulators are patented in a way that guarantees it’s over 3 times thinner than what you have at home. This means it’s lighter, sleeker, fits in any cupholder, and doesn’t come with a screwable, losable rim. Snute’s also double as a tumbler with a lid to boot to keep your coffee warm along with your cool cans. Did we mention it was dishwasher safe? 
  3. Support Local. St. Louis is a treasured town. And it’s in that vein that Snute hopes to provide a new way for the locals to enjoy their favorite beverages. Hailing from STL, Snute is a brand that understands there are many ways to enjoy a cocktail, a whiskey, a beer, seltzer, or non-alcoholic beverage of choice and we’re excited to give the local scene a new way to elevate their drinking experience.

You ain’t that cute, get yourself a Snute. 

two people clinking Snute glasses