St. Louis Mom’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2023


Hello friends! As we reflect on all we’ve learned and experienced, individually and collectively, thank YOU for journeying with us here at St. Louis Mom! 


In 2023, we: 

  • Collectively reached 3 million St. Louis moms!
  • Welcomed more than 475,000 visitors to our website
  • Connected with thousands of moms on social media
  • Welcomed more than 1200 local moms and families to our in-person events
  • Connected with nearly 4,000 newsletter subscribers per week
  • Grew to 20K Instagram Followers


We are proud of our ever-growing reach and are honored that you take the time to enjoy our content. We hope it is an encouragement to you in motherhood.

Here are the top 10 most-read blog posts written by our team, in addition to our top pieces of content on social media. We feel this is a vast representation of the content our team provides. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading. And we can’t wait to continue journeying with you in 2024!


Number 10

XOXO, An Overstimulted Mom

by Mandi Tuhro

“I remember starting my first baby registry like it was yesterday. The swaddles, the pacifiers, the perfect matching bed sheet set. The noise-canceling headphones.

Yes, you heard that right. No pun intended … one of the most expensive items on my registry was noise-canceling headphones. And let me tell you, if I had $1 for every time someone laughed or made fun of me for it, I would have enough money to buy them myself. But to me, it wasn’t a joke. And it certainly wasn’t funny several months later when I gave birth to a colicky baby at the beginning of a pandemic with little outside help.”


Number 9

Work from Home Mom

by Stephanie Enger-Moreland

“Back in the spring, I took a job working remotely for a national organization. I had worked at an office primarily, and from home periodically as needed during Covid, and prior to that job, I worked hybrid. Working remotely has many benefits, including the flexibility to care for my son.

Four days a week, he is in school and goes to aftercare. I plan it so I can do a full day of work, and then when I pick him up, unless needed, I am done for the day and spend time with him and my husband. Perhaps you’re wondering about the 5th day of the work/school week. Well, on Fridays, we are home together in all our chaotic glory.”


Number 8

Summer Favorites of an Indoorsy Mom

by Amber Marshall

“Midwest Summer, the heat, humidity, the bugs, I’ll take a hard pass on all of it. I’ve never been a fan of summer, but there are a few things I do find joy in for the season that can be enjoyed in the comforts of my AC.”



Number 7

Prepping for the Tween Stage: Q+A

by Katie Vondera + Amy Sanders

STL Mom {2021}

“If you have a kid in the 8-12 age range, buckle up! You are approaching what has become known as the “tween” stage. It’s that awkward stage between childhood and the teenage years, and it is as much a rollercoaster for you as it is for them. Feeling anxious and unprepared? We asked senior contributors and tween mamas Amy Sanders and Katie Peel Vondera for their advice.”


Number 6

Motherhood: I Just Don’t Feel Like Myself Anymore

by Mandi Tuhro

“Who was I before I could manage a joint checking account, pay 100 assorted bills every month, search for reliable and affordable childcare options, purchase a new seasonal wardrobe for every member of the household and store last seasons in the same breath, fill out the household calendar, do the holiday crafts for Grandmas, make sure everyone’s shoes still fit, rotate the toys, make the trips to speech therapy, make the weekly menu full of healthy yet delicious meals that don’t exist, shop for said meals, and cook said meals … (sharp inhale)

Who was I? I don’t know anymore.”


Number 5

IEP 101: How to Prepare and Be Ready to Advocate

by Danielle Sawyer

“Individual Education Plans (IEPs) can be both overwhelming and an opportunity for a parent. As a special education teacher, I see a lot of parents glazed over and obviously nodding their heads simply because they are overwhelmed. As a parent, even with the background knowledge I have, while sitting in my own son’s IEP, I get this feeling of glazing over. Data is being thrown at you, and you’re trying to process it all so quickly.

Here are some tips to help prepare you for your next IEP meeting.”


Number 4

Dye-Free, Clean Snacks and Treats

by Jennifer Karrasch

“I gathered a few allergy-friendly options/dye-free/gluten-free snacks and treats so you don’t have to spend time searching! All are dye-free, but some may not be allergy-friendly.

Red Dye 40 is a synthetic food coloring that is commonly used in many processed foods, including candy, snacks, and drinks. Studies have linked this food additive to hyperactivity in children, as well as other health issues. I started reading labels carefully and looking for alternative products that did not contain this additive.

Here are some of my favorite snacks and candy that the kids don’t even notice the difference!”


Number 3

Growing and Glowing

by Katie Vondera

“My two middle school girls have blossoming social calendars, not to mention extracurriculars like dance, soccer, and gymnastics, and while I’m the permanent Uber driver for my kids, I’m also finding myself with more and more time alone— from short enough to make a solo Target run to long enough for a Hallmark movie marathon. We used to do everything together— watching movies on Friday nights, making slime any chance we could get, even going to the bathroom together. But their interests have changed, and even if it’s bittersweet, it’s okay.”




Number 2

Eating Through the STL Top 100 – 2023 Edition

by Haley Strebler

“If you read my blog post around this time last year, you’ll know that I wait in anticipation for the STL Top 100 to be released by Ian Froeb. My “starting number” is much lower this year (66), but with good reason because there are so many new restaurants featured alongside old favorites. Although there are tons on the list I am still hoping to make my way to, for now, here are some of my picks from the 2023 STL Top 100.”


And … Number 1

Dorm Items for your College Kid: Keep it Simple-ish, But Cozy

by Carol Kerber

“Do you have a high school senior heading to college in the fall?  It may seem early to think about dorm necessities, but let’s be honest— you’ve thought about nothing but college since the first applications were due on the Common App, so let’s just go there.”



Top 3 Microblogs 

Number 3

It’s More Than A Seizure

by Danielle Sawyer

“It’s more than a seizure.
It’s the …
Way your heart drops when school calls.
Panic when you see the symptoms.
Lack of control.
Having an unresponsive child.
Feeling of helplessness.”

Number 2

What If Everything is OK?

by Lauren Cappell

“What if everything was ok?”
I honestly hadn’t even considered that.
I presented all the “what ifs” to my mom a few days before our hike down the Grand Canyon.
What if someone gets injured?
What if we freeze?
What if a coyote eats me?
And my mom, who may just be the biggest worrywart of them all, stopped me and asked,

Number 1

Run Your Race

by Rebekah Coste

“While we run the race of motherhood, let’s take a moment to look to our right and then glance to our left. Even behind. Every time we’ll see a universal sisterhood of mothers all running their race. Some days sprinting, some days limping but all running together. And when we finish our race, we might not have a plaque engraved just for us at the zoo (or maybe we will!), we can rest assured that the memories of a mother’s love imprinted on tiny hearts long ago will never fade.”



Top 3 Instagram Reels 

Number 3

Exploring Wineries near St. Louis

by Heather Jacobson

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Number 2

Where Has the Time Gone?

by Katie Mueth

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Number 1

A Lesson Learned

by Allison Field

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