Mom Burnout: Tips to Help You Push Through!


A few weeks before summer break always feels the most chaotic. 

From baseball practices and games, orchestra, tutoring, and all the many events towards the end of the school year. I can barely keep up to make sure our house gets ready and out the door on time. 

I’m sure many families experience the same feeling around this time of the year. It seems like after spring break to when summer break starts, our calendar is filled to capacity. With all the extras added to our already busy schedule, I felt on the verge of burnout a few times. I know my children have expressed feeling the same a few times as they countdown the days until summer break. It was all becoming mentally draining, honestly. 

Another load of clothes to wash. Grocery shopping, MAP test prep. Award ceremonies and the list goes on. To everyone, I look like the “Supermom.” I do not feel super internally, and I actually do a good job at hiding it. This year I decided to change things up a bit and started to prioritize my mental health. I’ve also been making it clear to my children the importance of it and being able to advocate for themselves. 

a woman holding a post-it note that says, “take a breather” so she doesn’t succumb to mom burnout

That has started to really help and shape our household for the better. A few other things that have worked is: 

  • At least 30 minutes of relaxation. Really doing something for myself or the quick “cat nap” has been extremely beneficial and makes me feel a little refreshed when my anxiety is getting the best of me. 
  • Communicating my boundaries and my limits. I am learning to love “no” and, at times, even a hard “no.” 
  • Having space and time with my husband and kids without an agenda. We’re always on the go, so being able to lounge around the house, movie or game nights, etc. 
  • Planning ahead for upcoming events and needs from my children.
  • Not letting the laundry baskets pile up. A little a day goes a long way! 

As we reach for the summer days, I hope a few of my tips help you like they have been helping me. The countdown is on. 


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Rika White
Rika White was born and raised in St. Louis, and she is newly married to her Husband, Antoine. Together they have 4 boys: Aj, Dj, Paxton and Santana. Rika takes pride in being a BOY MAMA! Rika has a Degree in Political Science and planning for her Master's in Public Health. She organizes within the Nonprofit world specifically around Gun Violence, Electoral work, and youth programming centering black and brown people. She currently is a Director of Organizing for a Faith Based Nonprofit for the state of Missouri. Rika and her family reside in the North County area and enjoy their community and the Hazelwood School District. In Rika's spare time, she is the President of the elementary school 2 of her sons attend, she and her fiancé spend a lot of time exploring St. Louis with their boys and giving back to their community. As a young mother, it is important to Rika to balance self-care in between being a spouse and a mama. Rika is excited to share her thoughts on many different topics and to bring a vast amount of diversity and non-traditional motherhood to the platform. She hopes you all will enjoy and be open to learn and discuss as well. Enjoy :)