New Year. New Goals.


New year, New Goals. 


First, Happy New year, everyone! Can you believe it is 2023 already? I always love the feel of a New Year, the fresh start that it gives us all after a long year before. 2022 was a very rough year for my family, sickness, loss of loved ones, and just a bit of sadness in general. We all were so happy to count down to a new chapter in our lives, the year 2023. As I sat around on the couch with my husband and four boys, we talked about goals and really diving deep into the unknown and dreaming. 


Reevaluating what worked last year and different changes into the new year is essential in our household. Some may say it’s a New Year’s Resolution, and others may call it the norm. We really let the boys show areas that worked well for them and work on things that they would like to see as a change for the new year. I always work to explain to them that goals without plans are just wishes. That’s why it is super important for us to write down a plan to help achieve our goals. 


Vision boards are always so popular with women and girls. It is rare you see boys and Men sitting around creating vision boards, but that is why I encourage my boys, as well as my husband, to join me in making their own. A vision board is like a blueprint of all the goals you want to accomplish and maybe even a few dreams. Recently, I have lazily helped the boys make digital visions on Canva and Photoshop even though I really do like the traditional ones more. 


It really does help them be accountable, learn about goal setting, and still be able to dream. Those are extremely important strategies for young boys to start to grow into learning more about.



I always make it to where we go month by month so we can have time to reflect, reevaluate and reward. If we accomplish a goal for the month that we set, even if it is small, we will have a day where we will be able to reward ourselves. This will also help them want to succeed more and be motivated to continue reaching their goals. 


I encourage letting your kids write down, draw or even verbally talk out with you a few goals they want to accomplish. You might be surprised what they come up with, and it might help your household flow better to learn more about what kind of goals they are aiming for and how you can help them achieve them.


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Rika White
Rika White was born and raised in St. Louis, and she is newly married to her Husband, Antoine. Together they have 4 boys: Aj, Dj, Paxton and Santana. Rika takes pride in being a BOY MAMA! Rika has a Degree in Political Science and planning for her Master's in Public Health. She organizes within the Nonprofit world specifically around Gun Violence, Electoral work, and youth programming centering black and brown people. She currently is a Director of Organizing for a Faith Based Nonprofit for the state of Missouri. Rika and her family reside in the North County area and enjoy their community and the Hazelwood School District. In Rika's spare time, she is the President of the elementary school 2 of her sons attend, she and her fiancé spend a lot of time exploring St. Louis with their boys and giving back to their community. As a young mother, it is important to Rika to balance self-care in between being a spouse and a mama. Rika is excited to share her thoughts on many different topics and to bring a vast amount of diversity and non-traditional motherhood to the platform. She hopes you all will enjoy and be open to learn and discuss as well. Enjoy :)