Son-Shine Days: Happy National Sons Day


Saturday, March 4 is National Sons Day.


I know. I know.

one more thing added to the mom plate to remember … ,But I can’t help but to appreciate the intentional reach to celebrate and recognize our amazing sons!


“When the JOY of motherhood finds its light”

I am definitely one that looks for absolutely no reason at all to smile on purpose, love deeper, acknowledge hard times as they come and to revel in each of our uniqueness as humans and how the fingerprint of our lived lives rests on the world.

Oh, how sons come wrapped in such colorful little packages. Simply put … they are the good box of chocolates! The variety is vast, and at any given time, they can take out a full pantry of food and introduce you to stains that you’ve never met before. Have you seen the huddle of the one who can sit and build for hours when he’s fully engrossed in what has his interest? And no one can overlook our very own engineer and cannonball expert. He spends all that time problem-solving and adjusting his ideas to get the fort just right only to feel the invigorating launch that completely destroys the couch pillows in the living room! Oh, and he who sings the loudest because the song just won’t leave his precious heart!

Son. Today. Is. For. You.

The sweetness that they share can curtail a disagreement and do some serious melting of the heart. I mean who else is going to trust us wholeheartedly to hold onto the fifth rock they’ve found and plan to keep? The mystery and excitement of individually unwrapping each of them only to discover the immense texture of their personalities, the flavor that each of them leave in our lives, and my goodness, the surprises hidden uniquely inside them all keeps us on our toes. 

I hope that we can find a moment to steal away that will allow us to see them, support them, and love them fiercely. Even if today is one of those challenging days in motherhood …because we do have them. Take sixty seconds with your best memory of him in mind …





And if you’re reading this and your son-shine has gone before you …

I see you and my mothering heart holds you u today.  


And to my very own SON-SHINE!


You gift me day passes to celebrate the parts of me that are still learning to mother. You keep my hand of grace extended to those around me. You remind me to sit in the makings and discoveries of the sweet parts of life.

Yes, you, son-shine!

Your adventures keep my feet pressed firmly against new things, and you challenge me to to never forget that life is precious. The special way that you love those around you and your attentiveness to the heart of humankind is admirable. I owe you the Nobel peace prize for the work you have given that catapulted me into motherhood. You were my first go at this thing, and I can’t think of a better first dance than you!

In return, I will continue to do the work as a mother that will allow our home to be your safe place. The place that you can authentically be flawed and fabulous. I will apologize often and remember to laugh loudly. I will share with you my fights with life and how I overcame. I will keep close your ideas and remember to respect your contributions to life as you see them and render support.

I am a mother now.

And hope you call me friend in the days to come.

Meanwhile, I will just be over here enjoying your light! 

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Trynai Braselman
Trynai was born and raised in St. Louis and has graciously embraced her need to use GPS to get around daily, due to being born without any since of direction. She lives in Unincorporated St. Louis County with her husband and her two Jungle Explorers. (Of course they proudly named themselves:) She appreciates the natural landscapes, windy roads and hidden gems that are tucked away and waiting to be explored and for their stories to be told. Trynai is an Early childhood educator turned homeschool mom and entrepreneur. She gains complete joy in serving families. Trynai loves to encourage moms and intentionally works to empower them. She aids them in creating deeper connections within their home and with their children. She’s extremely passionate about sharing ways to cultivate a child’s natural way of learning through individualized activities and morning invitations while using everyday, budget friendly materials. Trynai is also a homeschooling mom and shares her journey in hopes to create a safe space for teachers and parents to nature the joy of learning in small children. You can find her and the Jungle Explorers discovering all the family friendly places that St. Louis has to offer! Everything from cafes, to trails and libraries and museums. They will take their latest read-aloud anywhere and find a space to create memories on purpose.