Tipping our Hats to a New Year: My Favorite Strategy for Seeing Progress in the New Year






The new year has come, and we feel that kindling desire to turn over a new leaf and make progress in the many roles that we play as mothers. Sometimes just as soon as the exciting butterflies flutter their way into our bellies, the overwhelming responsibility and weight of our role send an anvil, and by March, we feel it impossible to move on our reimagined plans and goals for the new year.


What did you actually accomplish last year?

When we focus on all the things that we didn’t accomplish, that we didn’t make happen in our homes, and even the missed shots at the goals we set for ourselves … we overlook and devalue our courage, ability to adjust, our perseverance, and the character we built by doing so. These are all a necessary part of our fabric as mothers and women. The value they bring to our families is priceless, beautiful, and honorable. I want to offer an adjusted lens to peek through as you look at your year-at-a-glance that may help with reaching future goals and resolutions if that’s your jam.

Forward planning is the most common tool we use when thinking of our to-do’s for the new year. We look at all the things we dream to do or weren’t able to accomplish, and our planning and goal setting usually start there. I want to share another technique I use in my planning process for our home education journey in addition to forward planning, and it’s  called reverse planning. Reverse planning takes a lived assessment of what we pour out and takes into account adjustments made during real-life occurrences and the value of those adjustments, and what was accomplished.

For example: you may have planned on taking those two classes for your masters but did not because you needed to work more hours to contribute financially in your home, while attending every single basketball game/practice because it was your son’s best season yet.

Should we consider this failure?

Absolutely NOT.

You gifted your son the best cheerleader his school has ever had … lol! He feels valued and seen. Your financial responsibilities because of your contribution is lighter by the end of the year which clears the way for future plans.

I am all for planning for the future and dreaming as big as our hearts will allow. I am also a firm believer that even when we can’t reach for what we thought was our star to take, that we must not forgo the hustle we give to create the lives that we have today! Slowing down to consider and take in our progress and the unplanned victories we’ve won.

I tip my hat to you, mommas, as you take on another year as your value in the lives of those you love increases.

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Trynai Braselman
Trynai was born and raised in St. Louis and has graciously embraced her need to use GPS to get around daily, due to being born without any since of direction. She lives in Unincorporated St. Louis County with her husband and her two Jungle Explorers. (Of course they proudly named themselves:) She appreciates the natural landscapes, windy roads and hidden gems that are tucked away and waiting to be explored and for their stories to be told. Trynai is an Early childhood educator turned homeschool mom and entrepreneur. She gains complete joy in serving families. Trynai loves to encourage moms and intentionally works to empower them. She aids them in creating deeper connections within their home and with their children. She’s extremely passionate about sharing ways to cultivate a child’s natural way of learning through individualized activities and morning invitations while using everyday, budget friendly materials. Trynai is also a homeschooling mom and shares her journey in hopes to create a safe space for teachers and parents to nature the joy of learning in small children. You can find her and the Jungle Explorers discovering all the family friendly places that St. Louis has to offer! Everything from cafes, to trails and libraries and museums. They will take their latest read-aloud anywhere and find a space to create memories on purpose.