BRAVOCON – I did Something for Me …


Self-Care … what is self-care? 

According to the dictionary … it is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health. Another definition is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress. I actually like the latter definition better …

Well, What does that look like? Is it exercising? Maybe hanging out with girlfriends? Getting a manicure/pedicure? Is it meditation? Getting a massage? 

I think all of the above are great examples of self-care. In the middle of last year, I found myself in an overwhelming position. I was overwhelmed by pretty much, everything! I was the mom who looked like I had it all together on the outside, but did I really? 

No ……

I was overwhelmed with life … but in particular, challenges in parenting … as we all find ourselves in that similar position more often than we would like or hope to … well! I had done all of the above for self-care and still felt I needed something a little different- outside of the norm … I decided to take a trip … with two of my best girlfriends (who are also Moms!) to Vegas (can I please throw in the BABY!!!!) and we went to BRAVOCON!!!! 

Now, if you don’t know what BRAVOCON is … that’s quite alright! Let me catch you up! It is a conference … a 3-day conference with all of the stars from reality shows such as VanderPump Rules, Real Housewives of (EVERYTHING … I mean, Orange County … ! Atlanta! Potomic! New York! JUST to name a few!), Married To Medicine, Southern Charm … and other shows that air on the Bravo Network! 

When I heard this was happening (because I religiously watch those shows and have since they started- especially, Real Housewives!) and happening in my FAVORITE city in the world (been to Vegas at least 8 times) AND! The weekend right before my birthday … I knew I had to try my hardest to go to this! Even if it was out of the box, going to cost a pretty penny and would involve leaving my family for a couple of days. 

Hey … I earned it.

This MOM earned this self-care trip and I was going for it! 

Luckily, I am blessed with the world’s best husband! He was down for taking care of the kids while I was gone … whatever I needed to get this trip in … and for that, I am so extremely grateful! He was on board with this from day 1! LOVE YA BABE!

So, November 3rd of last year, I traveled with my two best girlfriends (one of which is not even a BRAVO fan) and us MOMs had the absolute time of our lives! 

We stayed at the Golden Nugget, for the weekend, which was off of the strip, but totally in the heart of Vegas! On Fremont Street where all the action happens! You seriously never know what you will see with your eyes when you are on Fremont Street! It’s just so exciting! We got to explore the “original Vegas” and all it had to offer, which was a lot! We enjoyed Mexican food (and tequila shots- shhhhh!) at Cadillac Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar and breakfast at Claim Jumper- all within Golden Nugget! 


That Saturday, we woke up early and headed to BRAVOCON! My friend and I were SO excited! I mean we had been planning this trip for about 6 months and it was finally HAPPENING! I had done a lot of research as to how the day would go by joining incredible groups on Facebook that had other Bravoholics, such as myself, that had gone to BRAVOCON previously and had all the skinny on how to navigate the conference, successfully! 

If I had to sum up BRAVOCON in one word, I would say, it was EPIC!!!!! We went to several panels that had bravolebrities answering all sorts of questions! I think my favorite panel was Married to Medicine because I had been watching these doctors, who are women of color, such as myself, since the very beginning! To see them right before my very eyes, instead of on TV, was a dream! There was bickering, but they kept it minimal! haha! When the panels were done, I found that I could run up to the stage and try to catch them before they left. I was successful!!!! As soon as the women would see me, they would come over! My most favorite moment was when Ms. Quad (one of my absolute favorites!) came over to me and took a picture! I was the last one remaining on the other side of the stage and she made it a point to come and say hello to me! I told her how much it meant to me to see someone who looked like me, on this TV show, and showing what hard work and dedication in life will get you! She held my hands and thanked me! My heart was touched … as it was with so many bravolebrities that I thought wouldn’t take a picture in a million years! Such as, Teresa Guidice! She is known for flipping tables and being at odds with her sister in law … I saw her coming out of the backstage with her husband. She was walking right past me when I asked her for a picture! She stopped with her beautiful dress on and took a photo with me and even said how nice it was to meet me- ME!!!!! Little ol’ me! It was pretty special … 

My friend and I had found exactly where the bravolebrities would come out and we got pretty darn lucky to see most of our favorites!!! Here’s a couple of photos! 

I am still on cloud nine from this very exciting weekend! The fact that we made it happen! That we took time for ourselves, to do what we wanted to do! I got to go to this conference with two of my greatest girlfriends … we had girl time! We LIVED IT UP! We laughed! One of the absolute best times of my life … so! 

Next time you think about doing something for yourself …

… Just Do It.

You deserve it, Mama! 


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Kelly W.
Kelly was born in Los Angeles, CA, and raised in her hometown of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (GO BA!) where she graduated as a Tiger. Soon thereafter, she moved to Columbia, MO, and attended The University of Missouri-Columbia (a Tiger again!). She graduated in 2009 with her degree in Actuarial Science with an emphasis in Finance. While at Mizzou, she met her husband. Once they graduated, they moved back to St. Louis. They got married in St. Lucia in 2014 in front of all of their closest friends and family after being together for 5 years! A couple of years later (2! To be exact!) they had their oldest son! During the pandemic they had their youngest son and feel their beautiful family is complete! Being a Mom is the most challenging and rewarding job! Kelly truly LOVES and adores her boys! They are blessings and her heart! After working super hard at her job for the past nine years (almost a decade whoohooo!), she attained her dream role! She is a Data Engineer specializing in Data Integration. What is that? …maybe one day she will talk about it! She loves her job- it’s super challenging!! She is not the biggest fan of being on-call once a month, but! Hey! Sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do! As mentioned earlier, Kelly loves St. Louis … she lives in Ballwin and adores her neighbors and neighborhood. Her family is the most important thing to her. They love doing everything together! They love taking their boys to parks, water parks (especially with summer! Whooo! )… pretty much any place that they can get all of that energy out!! They have energy for days … weeks … heck! She just needs 5% of it and she’d be set for the rest of her life! She and her husband also find it important to have their alone time- they love dates! Thanks to her super supportive and loving MIL, they get to go on dates from time to time! They love trying new spots to eat (Brass Rail is a new favorite with the best martinis!), going to the movies and traveling! Kelly’s looking forward to sharing her thoughts on a variety of topics and she is hoping you will be open to listening and maybe discussing!



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