Child-Development Study Brought to You by Sago

This post is sponsored by Sago.

Moms of children aged newborn to 24 months!

Here is an opportunity to take part in an important child-development study and earn up to $200.

This opportunity is brought to you by Sago, a company that conducts marketing and clinical research. Sago is facilitating a research study that The National Institutes of Health is sponsoring for infants and toddlers, newborns to 24 months of age, researching a child assessment tool that is currently in development. This tool uses a variety of fun activities, toys, and other (non-invasive) stimuli to conduct the assessment directly with the children at a convenient St. Louis research center.

Researchers strive to help children lead longer and healthier lives. To achieve this goal, they often require healthy children’s help. Information gathered from healthy children can be used as a comparison to better understand common developmental benchmarks for all children. The results of this study will establish benchmarks for child development that will be used by educators, clinicians, and the medical community for decades to come.

Sago is seeking children who represent a diverse economic, social, and regional snapshot of the US census. The objective is to examine the cognitive, social, behavioral, and neurological development of children across the United States.

This is a non-invasive assessment, no bio-samples will be taken. You can read about the study here, or google “Baby Toolbox NIH” for more information.

All participants will be compensated $100 – $200 for their time; we can assess up to two children per household.

We invite you to take part in this important study and appreciate your help. Please answer some screening questions using the link below.