Meg Smidt

Meg Smidt
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Standing By: How to Support Single or Widowed (or any other) Moms Without Intruding

There's a special kind of strength found in the hearts of single or widowed mothers (or both) who carry the weight of their family on their shoulders. Their days are often a continuous loop...
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Why Every Mom Needs a Mentor

Motherhood, they say, is the hardest job in the world. And it's true. As a mom, you are not only responsible for your child's physical well-being but also their emotional and mental development. You...

A Letter To My Engaged Daughter on Daughter’s Day

National Daughter's Day is on September 25.   My sweet daughter, On this daughter's day, I'm having all the feels. It is so hard to believe that we have been doing life together now for twenty-one amazing years....
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The Exhausted St Louis Mom’s Ultimate Summer Survival Guide

Need some summer survival tips?  We are happy to reshare this summer survival guide that originally ran in June, 2022 with you!   I’m an empty-nester now, but when my kids were all younger and still...
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Guide to Parenting With Compassion, Understanding, and Respect as a Stepmom

Being a stepmom is no doubt one of the most challenging roles you can take on; learning to understand, respect, and work with members of an existing family dynamic can be a steep learning...

5 Things I’ve Learned As An Empty Nester

Who knew how fulfilling becoming an empty nester could be?   My youngest child bought their first house a year and a half ago, and I officially became an empty nester. I have five kids total,...
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Seasons of Motherhood: Empty Nest

In life, there’s a season for everything, including motherhood. Just like winter transitions to spring, moms transition from diapers and bottles to lunchboxes and little league, to learners’ permits and prom dates. There’s beauty...
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Dare to Dream, Even When You Feel Stuck in Mom Life

I hope that you have some huge, bigger-than-life dreams in your heart, mama ... even if they aren't for this current season. That's okay. I promise ... the time will come for you to bring these...
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Taking Care of Yourself as You Navigate the Sandwich Generation

I was reading an intake form for a perspective new coaching client the other day and saw a term on it I had never heard before: “the sandwich generation.”   Do you know what this is?   I...

A Mid-Year Reset to Finish the Year With Intention for You and Your Kids

  J U N E  G L O O M is absolutely 100% a thing.   Did you feel it too, mama?   I did, although mine might look different than yours.   You see, my littles are big now, having...